Empty wormholes provide nothing at all

I log on to find myself alone, which has been a bit of a rarity of late. A new static awaits, so it’s scanning I go. Penny is online in her C4 and we chat away to pass the scanning time. Penny scores a Gas Miner kill, the lucky git, whilst my first C4 turns out to be empty.

So does C4b and C4c. Same with the C6 I find. Zzzz.

C6b has ships of interest – Sleeper wrecks, 2 Moros Dreadnaughts, a Rapier and 2 Thanatos Carriers fill my scans. Someone is running a Capital Escalation!

Sadly my lone Proteus is not ideal to kill all those involved, but I might be able to ambush a salvager when they finish up. That is untill I notice the probe already on scan – they’ll know I’ve arrived.

On cue, the ships start to blink away one by one, probes too. They all logged off. Wow.

I scan their static, opening into a C5 which also has a lot of ships on scan. A bunch of them sit piloted at a tower.

The piloted Moros warps to somewhere in space, as does a newly arrived Widow. D-scan shows them jump away somewhere, before  re-appearing a moment later – collapsing a wormhole, perhaps? Whatever wormhole it is, it’s not mine, so I head home and log for the night. There’s nothing I can do for now. Too much empty space with too many pilots at the end.



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