A cloaky Drake is not a safe Drake

“Hey TG, we have new wormholes!” says noone, as I log into an empty system awaiting a scan.

One of the signatures resolves into our usual static C4, but another is a new Null-security connection – an outbound one.

Jumping in puts me in Perrigen Falls, property of Solar Fleet. A quick check of the map shows a ratting system nearby, so I make the 2 jumps to check it out. I’m greeted by 3 in local, as well as 50 bubbles.

Fortunately, my Nullifier subsystem allows me to shrug them off (though my framerate does not bode so well), and I have a quick scan about. A Carrier is on scan with some wrecks, but he’s already at a POS. Nothing else to be found here, so I head home.

A couple of hours pass and I decide to try my luck again. I jump in to see a Drake ratting on the gate.

So… been here long?

I decide to engage, hoping the bubbles stop him escaping. I decloak, launch drones and… he jumps. Oh yeah, NPCs do not give aggression. Whoops. In my haste to follow, I abandon my Hobgoblins – double whoops!

I decloak first on the other side and wait. The Drake appears 17km away, so I hit approach, light my scram and… he disappears. Cloaked.


I burn towards where I think he was, coming up short. I cloak close to where I estimated his position to be. Not 10 seconds later, he appears 3,500m away and initiates a warp to a planet. I follow, holding cloak whilst doing so.

Landing at the planet puts him 5km from me, where he cloaks. He also links “Proteus” in local – that’s not your intel channel, bud. I decloak and burn straight at him. Suddenly, a Drake appears.

Boo, motherfucker

He starts aligning out, but I’ve got him snared now. He’s not even locking me back as I slowly plink away at his buffer.

One shot at a time, the enemy crumbles

It’s taking a while, but his shields are most certainly dropping. He’s probably lighting up his local intel channels, and I’m starting to get wary. Finally, he uses his Afterburner, Web and starts shooting back.

Now the fight is on!

The web is negating my ability to keep up, so I have to cycle my Microwarpdrive, allowing him to hit me harder. As his shields drop, my own shields also drop and I start bleeding armour. Fortunately my repairs are keeping up, but the strain on my cap means I’m now cycling my cap booster. Whoops. Worried about possible reinforcements, I overheat my guns to try and kill him quick.

Lookit dat heat damage

The pilot ejects from his Drake as it hits structure, allowing me to finish it off. Nice to see his warp core stabilizer helping him out there.

His pod is long gone, so I jump back and scoop my drones from before. Re-jumping sees the pilot disappear from local, but his pod remains on my scan. He just logged out with aggression for another 10 minutes.

Probes deployed and narrowed on his position. Got to work fast.

Scan scan scaaaan

I get 100% with the seconds ticking away, and land right on top of a pod, as expected.


One volley later, that pilot is down a 300mil pod. My bad. Never log out in space with aggression, guys.

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