A Ratting HIC and a superspeed Slicer

End of Life wormholes everywhere! The chain today is dangerously unstable, coughing up end-of-life wormholes everywhere. Even our home system has 2 unstable inbound connections. Bah.

The static, fortunately, is perfectly healthy and my corpmates scanned it down earlier today, revealing an empty C4 with a static C2 which also boasts no life. A quick fly through reveals no changes. Seems we might be out of luck today.

That is until Firefly logs on and scouts not 15 minutes after myself and reports an Onyx Heavy Interdictor in the C2. Looks like we might have the first signs of a fleet. ST logs in to help out as Fire scouts further, since a wreck has shown up with the Onyx. Could he be ratting?

“It’s bait”, says ST, “We should tackle it and then counter-bait with our own”. I see no flaw in the plan, though Firefly has some reservations – primarily because he’s now our bait. Firefly confirmed the Onyx is running a Sleeper Anomaly and sets up an observation bookmark. Meanwhile, I’ve jumped in in my Proteus and ST is holding in the C4 with a Phobos and Armageddon. Fire warps in and grabs point. I warp in and establish secondary tackle.


ST jumps and warps his ships in as we brace for the enemy reinforcements. Imagine our surprise when they never came.

The important thing in this screenshot is that the Tweetfleet channel is Bad.

HIC and Pod both explode, with nary a sign of hostile forces. Unexpected, but we’re not going to complain too loudly.

So let us fast forward 20 hours to Saturday afternoon.


Logging in reveals another C4 awaiting, but this one holds my corpmates. They’re trying to bait out a Proteus from a nearby POS into attacking our Hurricane at the system’s star. Seems legit. In the meantime, we’ve also scanned a C4 wormhole in here. A Loki jumps through and cloaks – he’s of a different corp to the local C4a residents. Hrm.

We warp the Hurricane to the wormhole and lo and behold, a Proteus decloaks and engages. Firefly, our brave bait, jumps out the wormhole. He’s followed. He jumps back. He’s followed. Both ships are now polarised and unable to jump, allowing us to spring our trap. ST decloaks his Proteus as we warp in my Oneiros, a second Hurricane and an Armageddon. But our target is no stranger to ambushes – a Falcon decloaks and jams out both our tacklers. The Loki makes a return, thinks better of staying and jumps away.

Fear not, noble soldier, I shall save you!

The Falcon has done his job right, however, as the Proteus evades the Warp Scramblers and warps away as our Cane and Geddon land – the Falcon follows suit. Oh well.

We figure that’s it for this C4 for now, especially when the Proteus and Falcon jump back through the wormhole and disappear to their own home. Fortunately, we’re rather wrong.

An hour has passed, and there’s no changes in the chain save one – an Imperial Navy Slicer is now on scan! I check the POS we have bookmarked, revealing nothing but an empty Moa. He’s in space. His shipname is also called “DeepSafe”, so perhaps he is at a safespot – probably going at some speed to avoid being caught.

A quick probe reveals I was right on all accounts, except for the fact this Slicer is not going at some speed. Oh no. You see, when I warped in, the Slicer was already over 150KM away.

Yes, he is going rather quick

The Slicer is going at absurd speeds – even when probing and warping to him at this range, I still land 80km from him – this rapidly increases to 200km within seconds. So how do I catch him?

I check for any celestials I can bounce off – there’s none. I decloak momentarily to relaunch probes and the Slicer does not deviate his course – it is highly likely he is AFK. Perfect.

I get Firefly and ST to fit up an Arty Tornado and Sniper Rokh respectively whilst I keep warping to the Slicer to keep up. They finally finish fitting and both warp to me. We align to where the Slicer is heading and I warp us after another probe.

We land 100…105…110km… away and it’s all on my corpmates to get us the kill.

Just before the warp

Fire calls lock and a hit. ST reports a slight hit. No kill. We might miss i-

“FUCK I GOT HIM” yells ST on Comms. Indeed he did.

Boom baby

The pod doesn’t warp away, making it an easy target for ST’s massive railguns. We wander up to the wreck, wondering how it achieved such speed. The 250million MicroWarpDrive was probably the reason. Killmail. Podmail.

That’ll teach him to go AFK in wspace.

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  1. Oh dude, no way! That slicer you popped is in the wormhole corp I used to be in!

    Argh I wish I remembered the locus signature of that wormhole! PG still has it in his bookmarks but i’m too lazy to log him in right now.

      • Damn, they’ve either expanded or moved. I distinctly recall it being J172-something

        • We moved at the start of this year but the old wormhole wasn’t J172-anything 🙂

          Great kill against Kinoahi, tl3. He’d been burning in that direction for days. Don’t know if anyone told him that it would take over 7 months to travel a single AU even at that speed. Sometimes you’ve just got to have a goal.

          Hopefully he provided some WTF entertainment for you.

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