First Command Ship and a Polaris Frigate

It’s been a slow week in the wormhole. Not much has happened, with the exception of some screenshots sent to me by an alliance-member. Remember that bugged POS a few weeks back? Well it turns out CCP fixed it the next day. With fire.

First they showed up in a Polaris Frigate.

Somehow, he got through the forcefield…


Then they did the sensible thing. They blew up the tower.


Oneshotted it too

And that was that.

In the meantime, I finally decided to splash out on my first Command Ship. I kept being told to get a Sleipnir but had to inform the advisor that I have every cruiser to 5 except Minmatar. Then I got hit a lot. Hrm.

I could have gone Nighthawk but “lolnighthawk”.  This left either the Astarte or the Absolution. A tough choice surely. Except for, you know, lasers.

It’s almost like I don’t know what I am doing!

Hopefully more will happen soon. The blog is looking a little neglected.

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