Ratting Nyxes and a Maelstrom Ambush

I’m slowly recovering from the London meet. Fortunately my corpmates have rewarded me with a Nullsec wormhole in our home system today. Nullsec is my favourite place; I have a drinking game for it:

  1. Drink every time a ratting player hides in a POS the moment you jump in
  2. Drink every time you enter an empty system
  3. Run out of alcohol after 3 jumps

So it goes. Today’s Nullsec could be fun though, jumping in reveals it contains Russians. Russians are fun.

3 Neutral pilots are in local, with one Player Station and one POS. The POS is online with a Cyno Jammer. Hrm. I warp to the center of the system, revealing a Nyx on scan, but no POS. I also see wrecks. A ratting Supercapital? How novel. Shockingly the Nyx quickly vanishes from scan, showing up at the aforementioned POS a minute later. Take a drink.

However, I’m not going to pass up a chance at catching a Nyx, even as he logs off. I scan every signature in the nullsec, bookmark every one and add the Nyx pilot to my watchlist.

Whilst doing so, a Maelstrom appears on my scan towards an Asteroid Belt. Bait, surely. I warp at 100km, but forget about Nullsec having silly huge asteroids – I’m decloaked 150km from the Maelstrom and promptly recloak. He never moves. I slowly approach, only to have him warp to station and dock. Foiled. Take a drink.

I hatch an incredibly stupid plan to not-kill the Nyx. We can bring 2 Dreadnaughts through our wormhole, which the enemy will not expect thanks to the Cyno Jammer. Of course, we have to catch the Nyx first. Always a flaw in the plan.

I jump back to the Nullsec a couple of hours later to find two Nyxes now ratting. The hell is this? Rather than trying to find them, since they’d already be on their way out, I just warp straight to the POS and… yup.  Take two drinks.

Both pilots log off, leaving the Maelstrom pilot from earlier in local. Whilst warping about, I catch him on my scan – he’s out and about again! With myself in local! After I decloaked right next to him before! More punctuation! Woo!

I use my directional scan and get him towards an Anomaly in system. I suspect this is bait, so I get both Able and Mick in ships to help out. A Dominix and a Hurricane is more than enough support. I warp into the Anomaly, seeing the Maelstrom sat at a wreck, unmoving.

He could not be sat in a worse place for me to warp in

The fleet is ready. Time to attack!

Why am I always first?

Tackle is established and I brace for his friends to log back on or jump in. Nothing. The Maelstrom finally locks me and opens fire. He’s using both 1400mm Artillery and 800mm Artillery. OK. His light drones begin scraping my shields off too. Maybe I overestimated this.


Meanwhile, my own help arrives.

Slowest. Calvary. Ever.

Without much more than a squeak, the Malestrom explodes. Sadly, the pod gets away. The pilot is non-too-happy.

All in a day’s work.

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  1. The first russian word seems to be “presage” ???:!

  2. You run out of booze far too fast for someone in their early twenties. Drink more.

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