A Drake ransom and a lucky escape

It’s not often I log in to find myself alone in w-space, but today is such a day. Home has a lone signature, helpfully scanned already.

C4a greets me with two empty Towers at the far end of the system. How unexpected. Perhaps the C2a static wormhole will provide better hunting. It’s got a High security connection, after all.

Jumping in sees a Drake on scan. Sleeper wrecks accompany him, along with a lack of Towers. A quick scout shows an online Tower at the outer planet, however. This guy could be a local. Time to find out! Best be quick too, the Drake appears to be salvaging – wrecks are blinking off my scan.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to scan on a small screen?

Probes are dropped and I almost get a hit on the Drake right as 2 wrecks turn into one. It seems, however, the Drake has seen my probes and he quickly disappears from my scans before I can get him to 100%. Curses.

An Imperial Navy Slicer appears on scan and I scout him to the High wormhole, where he buzzes about over 100km away. Before I can even think about approaching, he warps to the tower at the outer planet. As it turns out, the Drake pilot is also here. Guess he is local.

Another wormhole is in this system, but someone has almost closed it – the wormhole cannot take much more mass and a full collapse is imminent. I’ll back away for now. It’s a good thing, too, because not five minutes after having my probes being seen, the Drake and Slicer have just warped to an anomaly in the system!

Wrecks start appearing on scan again – a Cruiser and a Large wreck appear simultaneously – they must be clearing the site together.

I’m dubious over my ability to kill both ships solo – the Slicer could easily warp out and reship. Glorious Leader Fin is online, but in our sister wormhole and unable to come to my aid. Fortunately, Able has logged on in our home system and has a spare PvE Drake to lend some DPS – the enemy Drake will be recharge/buffer fit to tank Sleepers  and my Proteus does not have amazing DPS. I head home to drop Able bookmarks and return to the C2 to find the Slicer at the Tower but the Drake is still ratting peacefully. Not for long.


Finally I get in range of the Drake and open fire.

Able warps in and adds his DPS to the frey. The hostile Drake is, as suspected, buffer/recharge tanked. He is, however, dying.

It’s looking grim for the Drake. His Armour is starting to bleed, BUT THEN A CONVERSATION OPENS UP.

Imagine my surprise when my wallet flashes.

He paid? Someone paid?? Oh. Well I guess we better let this poor soul, a victim of forgetting to scout anything at all, move onwards with his ratt- AHAHAHA OPEN FIRE

I blocked the guy, as per chat, so you’re missing the complaints in local

Boom. We let his pod warp free whilst he says mean things  in local.

Mick helpfully copy-pastes for me from local, though.

They are, however, the wrong way round. Bottom comes first.

Now target-less, we head home. Or try to, at least.

Able jumps home from C4a first and reports a Loki sat on our static wormhole. He cloaks his bomber and waits. The Loki does not move. Mick holds in C4a whilst I jump and engage.


The Loki jumps. Myself and Able follow. Mick tackles it, but I am now polarised – unable to rejump if we have problems.

Then a Proteus decloaks and engages too. Oh dear. Overview lights up as  a Legion, Absolution, Vindicator and two Guardians warp in. Fuck.

Mick cloaks, having escaped being targeted, whilst I’m trying to not die. Able gets alpha’d, but warps his pod clear.

I realise I’m only being pointed and webbed, not scrammed, and align to a planet with an overheated Microwarpdrive. I deploy ECM drones on the Loki to break lock and SPAM WARP.

The kid gloves are off. The webs have fallen off me and I’m starting to pull range. Sadly, points are still on me from the Proteus and Absolution and the enemy Loki is gaining speed rapidly with his own point. I’ve broken range on the heavy ships by now, just the Loki left. Then the point drops – along with his lock.


My brave, brave ECM drones are left behind in my wake as the hostile forces disappear behind me.

Bloody hell.



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  1. The guy did have a point. I will never pay a ransom unless its to a Tusker. The Tuskers are known for honoring their ransoms. Good job on your ransom profit.

    • I am much the same – I only trust ransoms from third parties I know 100% to be reputable.

    • As a member of the Black Rebel Rifter Club, I can assure you that if we offer a ransom we’ll honor it.

      However, if you’re a dumbass and pay us without us asking then you basically just pissed isk into our wallet and lost your ship still. It happens more often than you think!

  2. I don’t think anyone honours ransoms in WH space? It’s more low-sec thing.

  3. You should get a medal for that escape.

  4. Someone paid you without you offering to let them live if you did? I wish people would pay ME to blow them up too! Nice kill and escape!

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