New faces and a broken POS

We finally have some new faces in the wormhole – a new corp has joined the alliance! They moved in overnight, setting up their POS and getting to grips with wormhole space.

The POS is setup. The modules online. The guys have moved in. Then downtime comes along and the POS Tower jumps 100km away from the modules. No, really.

I knew CCP were planning jumpable POS but I thought that was in the design phase?

The tower has abandoned its modules, obviously they were making it look fat. However, we’re now left in a bug-filled predicament.

We cannot offline the tower, since it has modules anchored. However the modules themselves, whilst they appear online, are actually offline and we cannot access them. We also cannot unanchor them, since they are too far from the POS.

Petitions have been sent to CCP. Hopefully it’s resolved by tonight.

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  1. Tell us where this POS is, we have experience in resolving issues like that.

  2. >The tower has abandoned its’ modules

    You’re overcompensating. It’s just “its.” The word “its” (no apostrophe) is actually the possessive form. The word “it’s” is only used for a contraction of “it is.”

  3. Did you file the petition under stuck? I had a pos issue once that was resolved literally within 60 seconds of filing one.

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