Ganked 39 – ECM goes jamming up North

Ganked 39 has rolled around at last. Today sees a fleet of ECM Jamming ships heading out. Our destination is UMI-KK – the CFC have been having a brawl there to honour Vile Rat and we intend to be the latecomers who stagger in, drunk, at 1am.

So it was that 130 ECM ships left high-security space and plowed towards null-sec.

Spot the odd name out on my directional scanner!

The night starts out promising – we score a Proteus right off the bat. Your cloak cannot save you from the Jams, sir. A Harbinger meets the swarm, as does a Drake. Getting bored with the entry system, we proceed on our roundabout route to UMI-KK, expecting a couple of fights in the interim, as is standard.

All we meet, however, is bombers. One Ah Ah Ah. Two Ah Ah Ah. Three Ah Ah Ah. Four. Five.

Forwards through nullsec we go, stopping to shoot some Battleship rats for that all-important security status. A Nulli Secunda Cynabal gang is scouted ahead, but quickly vanishes the other way.

Those are ECM jam effects, by the way. That dirty NPC shall NEVER lock us!

Not far from UMI-KK, a Red Federation member drops from fleet, never rejoins, and smacks in local. So we shot him.

[22:42:31] J’mee Leggs > Shot blues -> tell Vile rat

Finally we approach UMI-KK. Our end is in sight. Surely the CFC will play along, and meet us in something that is not a RR-Fuelled nightmare?

They do. An Artillery Thrasher gang awaits us, courtesy of RAZOR Alliance. Let us dance.

We jump in and gleefully engage. The Thrashers kite away, but are still well within jam range.

We pursue and open fire, Thrashers melting along with our untanked Blackbirds. The Thrashers loop round, dropping on our FC (by accident), exploding him. Oh dear. After a good number of losses on both sides, the Thrasher gang warps off.

As the enemy regroup, we don’t bother

Finally, Combat Mink takes over, ordering a regroup at his spot some 180km above us. He’s only 147km from me, so I start burning to be able to warp. Right as the Thrasher gang lands 20km from me.


Our fleet moves back down to engage, however, starting the fight anew.

Well, most of them warped down and engaged

A Chimera-class Carrier warps to the gate, but there’s precisely nothing we can do about it. Bombers are starting to hit us too, causing myself to wake up in New Caldari. Curses. That’s me out for the night. The rest of the fleet keeps fighting till they die. Die they do.

Here is the Battle Report, but it’s mixed in with the CFC’s own clusterfuck a few hours prior so it’ skewed to hell. Our kills (not losses) can be found on the RvBGanked killboard here.

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  1. Your links to evekill aren’t correct.

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