Sindel’s Angel Project

I actually managed to find the time to log on this weekend. There was much rejoicing.

In the tweetfleet in-game channel, Sindel is chatting about her project, which had evaded me up to this point. The project is called “Sindel’s Angel Project“. It’s rather cool.

Basically, outside of larger EVE entities (Goons, TEST, RvB, EVE University) there’s little to no help for those capsuleers that are struggling – particularly new players.

So good old Sindel (singer of Titan and Makalu Cries) has set up this project to, basically, donate to those in need. She is taking all donations, as far as I know, and passes it on to people who need it. It’s worth checking out, and totally worth donating a few ISK if you have it.

Here’s the website. Join the tweetfleet channel in-game to catch up with Sindel there too!

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