Downing a Carrier

A new static greets me today. Barrak has been kind enough to scan it down for me but has to go AFK, so I start scouting. Or would, if a couple of bluescreens on my laptop prevented me from doing so. Bloody graphics drivers.

Eventually, I manage to log back in and start scanning. Josh is online as well, but remains in Home whilst I plod away. The empty C4a leads to an equally empty C4b. How predictable. Next up is a C5 which is likely to be empty and dull and boring.

Except there’s ships on scan. There’s also a tower, which is also predictable. However, a quick directional scan shows a Thanato, 2 Tengus and a Vindicator out of said tower. They seem to be at an anomaly!

I say “at an anomaly”. What I mean is “400km from it”

A little unsure, I wait for one of the Sleeper Battleships to die before warping to the wreck to investigate further. The Thanatos is triage, and is repping all of the other 3 ships. As I chat with Josh about how we could proceed (bomb their salvager) the enemy fleet finishes the first wave, the Vindicator swaps for a Moros and the next wave starts.

Josh and I are unable to summon anyone for assistance and these guys are taking ages with their site. Sad at a missed opportunity, I log to do other things.

Until a few hours later, when Josh pings me on Gtalk. Silent Terror is on, bringing his Bhaalgorn, and the hostile fleet is ratting again. MUST LOG ON.

Mick has joined us, and as we assemble so does the rest of Greater Realms. Riyu, our glorious CEO, tries to make an appearance but his connection kicks him back out. Valon logs on, as do Barrak and Firefly.

The enemy are fielding 2 Moros, a Thanatos, 3 Tengus and a Vindicator. We assemble 5 Guardians, a Bhaalgorn, a Hic and mixed DPS to counter, with yours truly flying a Guardian.

Our form-up is a little too slow, however, as our scout reports the enemy fleet has cleared the anomaly and warped to their Tower. CURSES. Fortunately, they still need to salvage, so none of us are surprised when their Noctis warps to the anomaly. We are, however, surprised by a Thanatos joining him.

“Fuck it”, says us all, “Let’s go for him”. Go for him we do.

We jump. We warp. We land on both.

The bubble goes up, the Noctis is primaried. ECM and Neuts go onto the Thanatos. The Noctis is being repaired, of course, and takes a fair bit of firepower to down.

The Carrier is jammed by the droneswarm, allowing us to pop the 300m Noctis, spewing a pod into the empty void. With his +5 implants.

Now it’s a battle of attrition. Can we break the Carrier’s repairs before his friends arrive? IF they arrive, of course.

Of course, the Thanatos pilot tries to take the easy way out and initiates a Self Destruct.

As we wear him down, he suddenly remembers that Self Destructs still generate killmails.

Then our brave foe remembers he has Triage Mode, promptly repairing himself back up.

Fortunately, our Bhaalgorn is on the case. The occasional repair cycle meets our DPS head on and for a while his Armour fluctuates back and forth. Still no sign of his corpmates.

Then we breath a sigh of relief, structure bleed.

My chat window has hidden in fear of the targets

The Carrier explodes right as a Proteus has a quick spy on us at range, before running away again.

The Carrier is down, the pod with it.

We even hold the field for a good 20 minutes to get a hauler and salvager in to steal everything, netting us an extra few hundred million for the corp.

Not bad for a Friday Night.

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