Ambushing a null-sec Tengu


Are what today’s wormhole chain most certainly does not provide. A whole bunch of wormholes sends us to Highsec, Lowsec and even Null security space. A few Tengus in a C3 leg it to highsec as soon as we poke our T3s through the connection, leaving us rather bored. So bored, in fact, I bump a few miners in a Highsec ice belt. There were plenty to choose from.

You are looking at a screenshot of miners, on the internet. Are you happy with your place in life?

Not content with merely bumping things, I decide to go scout the null security. My experiences in Nullsec go like this;

1. See ship on scan in new system

2. Watch ship go to POS and not move. Ever.

3. Curse local.

4. Repeat 30 minutes later.

Today though, the Null system is empty of other pilots. A quick scan of the map, however, shows some player activity next door. Away I go!

Jumping into the system has  a Chimera, Drake, Tengu and Mackinaw on my scans. A quick check puts the Chimera, Drake and Mackinaw at a tower, but the Tengu? Not so much. A system scan reveals over 15 anomalies. Directional scan helps me narrow it down. The Tengu is still at an anomaly. Score! I warp at 100km twice over, establishing a 200km overwatch. The Tengu is in the site indeed. The NPCs are already wrecks, but the Tengu is not moving.

Camouflaged among the wrecks, surely

I wait for at least one backup ship, because I lack DPS to actually kill a Active Tengu, and warp in. One of the Tengu’s corpmates is talking to me in local, but I DO NOT SPEAK RUSSIAN COMRADE

Point, web, alt-tab to google translate

The Tengu, seemingly AFK but still Shield boosting, is easily tanking my meagre 250 DPS tengu. But that’s OK, I have a fleet!

This fleet, to be precise

We hold the Tengu in low shields whilst we wait for Sanzo “Which wormhole, again?” Fengi to catch us up. We then make the 1.7 bill ISK Tengu explode. 

The pod is swiftly caught as well.


Squish. +1 Corpse for my collection.

I leave my generous Russian hosts (I think they told me to fuck off) with a parting message.

tgl3 > Kill: byratino derev9Innii (Tengu)  Kill: byratino derev9Innii (Capsule) gfgfgfgfgfgf

They don’t reply. 😦

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