Saving a wormhole sale

One of our corp members, Silent Terror, buys and sells wormholes.  He also acts as third parties. The usual method is find wormhole, advertise wormhole, sell wormhole, give bookmarks to buyer, temporarily blue the buyer whilst he sets up.

Easy, right?

So last night begins with ourselves scanning down a Class 2 wormhole in the chain. It has a highsec static wormhole – pretty damn useful. As a result, Silent Terror sells it.

The lucky buyer hauls in a tower and begins to online it when 4 ships drop on him, presumably from the highsec. A Drake, Broadsword, Gila and Tengu have just interrupted his move and have begun to engage the non-forcefielded tower whilst demanding 1.5 Billion in ransom.

Fortunately, Silent Terror is still online, as is our chain connection to the C2. I get yelled at on GoogleTalk, so I’m logging in as well. Barrak and Firefly join us too. Time to say hi to the visitors.

Lacking any non-cloaky armour ships, I’m forced to use my not-well-fit Myrmidon, which fields an afterburner with Dual Repair systems. The Broadsword has a bubble up, so we’ll be landing at about 20km.

We gather a quick fleet, throw a couple of Guardians in and in we go!

Landing puts us, as expected, a good 20km from the hostiles.


Firefly, our hero webbing Loki, burns for the Tengu whilst the fleet burns for the Broadsword. The Gila and Drake are already out the bubble thanks to their MicroWarpDrives. The Tengu and Broadsword are both going in opposite directions though, so we split DPS. My Myrm, courtesy of my AMAZING FITTING SKILLZ, is slow as hell and just plods about throwing drones at both ships.

The Tengu is webbed down and explodes to Firefly’s guns, whilst the Broadsword takes a bit more of a beating.

Also known as “wtf is thermodynamics training”

The Broadsword also melts, leaving the pod free to warp clear thanks to the lack of our Heavy Interdictor. He’s kind enough to drop 300 Nanite Paste, allowing me to repair my mods. Huzzah!

The grateful wormhole buyer even posts a nice review!

Silent Terror is a great guy. I bought a c3 off him and was putting up a tower, before it got online Fromil showed up in a broadsword and bubbled the pos along with 3 of his friends from Austudy corp in “The Welfare State” alliance.

I was still talking with Silent, and he said np, wait a few. The next thing I knew, him and some guys from the “Greater Realms” alliance showed up and took out the tengu and the broadsword .. too bad they didnt get the other ones as they ran as fast as they could lol. Silent was even nice enough to offer them the 1.5b ransom they offered me

Id like to thank Silent terror, tgl3, Wrathhammer, Fireflynine and Zerund, also anyone else I missed, Thanks guys !!! =)

also, I’d recommend silent as a wh dealer or 3rd party or what ever business he went into.

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  1. Awesome! Some of the best stories come from WH space.

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