Getting a wormhole behind the enemy

We have a rather large chain today, and it plays host to a fair few ships moving about. Mick and ST have already scanned ahead, so I’m able to just jump around looking for targets.

Wormholes. Wormholes everywhere.

Our scouting gives us some possible targets. C6a has a Bhaalgorn and Nidhogger carrier piloted at a tower, whilst C2a has a Tengu sat on the Highsec. We’ve held off scanning the C2a further, primarily because we might shoot the Tengu in there. We also have no eyes in the highsec, and the Tengu pilot is not exactly trying to hide. This means he must have friends. Or so we are preparing for.

We get a bunch of cloakies and a token Oneiros and start assembling in C4c. Except we don’t, because now there’s a Nemesis on scan in  C5a, which we just jumped into. We bounce our Oneiros about whilst we hunt for the new ships. An Orca appears on scan briefly before disappearing, along with a Carrier. Looks like they’re rolling an inbound to C5a that we missed. Good.

The extra time has cost us however; the Tengu is still in C2a but not at a known signature or celestial. A wormhole we can’t afford to scan without revealing our scouts.

Unsatisfied with the current chain, we return home and roll the C4 static.

The new C4a has a C2 static. Mick is scouting, to determine if we should re-roll. When jumping into the new C2a, he engages a Tengu sat on the wormhole. It’s the same corp as the Tengu from earlier!

We check our bookmarks. It’s the same damn wormhole.

Red is the old connection, Green is the new

Worried they might have reinforcements, we scramble a PvP fleet into C4a and sit on the C2a wormhole. Mick is toe-to-toe with the hostile Tengu, but he’s slowly winning. We’re waiting for the guy to jump.

As it turns out, the new C4a is their home – the unmanned tower here seems to belong to them. This explains the new Loki on scan – evidently running to help his corpmate. Except, you know, we’re kind of on the wormhole.


The Loki lands at 0 on the wormhole. We prep to jump. He doesn’t jump – he tries to burn away.

That ended precisely as you’d expect. He melts in about 3 volleys. Pod too.

The Tengu has just jumped through, but he cloaks inside the bubble. I notice he wasn’t aligning for a Celestial, so I burn straight where I saw him go. He gets decloaked.

He explodes. We even hold the pod to let Mick get in on it!

What is up my pod friend?


We move the non-cloakies home and keep watch in our scout ships. Nothing else comes along, and it’s a bit late, so we head home for the night.

So ends a week of odd wormholes.

P.S. I love you, CCP, for fixing Cosmic Beacons decloaking ships. ❤


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  1. Everytime I read a blog post of yours, I want to move to a WH. You make it sound like so much fun despite many people state that it is boring. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I really enjoyed this particular post and it tickled my curiosity. I doubt it’s just luck that you found another connection to the same WH chain. Is it possible you could share the locus signatures of these wormholes? ( except for your home obviously 😉 )

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