Odd wormholes, ratting Battleships and killing a Hulk

After Tuesday’s kills, we have a lot to live up to as we start our scouting on Wednesday. Anything we do now will surely be a downer. It wasn’t. I present to you a summary of the week!

Wednesday 1st August

Our first wormhole does not bode well – an empty Class 4 greets us, with a whole lot of signatures to scan. Scan we do, however, revealing a Class 3 wormhole. Jumping in sees… wrecks. A Megathron and Apocalypse also populate my Directional scan, indicating targets. Rather than launch probes, I hit my on-board scanner and use it in combination with my d-scan to pin the two Battleships to an Anomaly. I get Barrak into system with me and we both set up shop at a spot 200km from the ships.

In ur sites, watching u rat

We get a small fleet assembled in the C4 next door and jump them in as soon as myself and Barrak enter warp down to the unsuspecting Battleships. Cloaks are dropped, weapons are primed. We drop out of warp, pointing a Battleship each as our fleet initiates warp.

Guess who’s not going anywhere?

I come under fire, but take minimal damage as the rest of the fleet lands.

Ogre I Vs. Tengu. ROUND ONE. FIGHT.

Rather unsurprisingly, both ships explode, taking two pods with them. The kills signify the end to the rather short night for myself, so I log out till the next day.

Thursday 2nd August

There’s even more nothing in today’s C4 static. By that I mean there’s not many Signatures. There is, however, a Class 2 with a fair few ships in the tower.

Well that Corm is a bit tough, but I think I can take the rest

Before we can probe the system one of the Tengu’s warps off to an unknown area. We eventually resolve this to a wormhole, but not before the Tengu is long gone. Meanwhile, an Iteron Mk V is on scan, yet not at the tower with the other ships. Something to hunt! Probes are launched and he’s quickly found to be at a Gas site.

Having missed a Tengu kill, we decide to drop our full fleet on the poor Iteron. After a corpmate bumps him 20km by accident, of course.


Despite an epic brawl previously unseen in the EVE universe, the Iteron explodes, pod with it. Having exhausted any hunting zones, I log for the night again.

Friday 3rd August

Friday gives me the oddest wormhole combination I have yet to see. We have 2 Null-security wormholes in our home system. The kicker? They lead to the same system.

Click to embiggen!

We spend all day running round the area chasing Ratters and other Ratters, before eventually heading home to scan our new static. The new chain is also devoid of life, but the new Inbound to our home is not.

Adhocracy Incorporated have just scanned their way into our C5, as evidenced by a Legion hanging around on scan for a suspiciously long amount of time. Our suspicions are confirmed when we resolve the wormhole and the Legion disappears. Our first scout, Wrathhammer, jumps into the wormhole and is immediately trapped by a Devotor which decloaks and bubbles up in our home, ruling out our chances of insta-collapsing the wormhole too.

We had several people cloaked here. We stayed cloaked for a reason.

Wrathhammer tries to jump home, but ends up too close to the wormhole to re-cloak safely. He managed to re-jump before the Tengu, Sleipner and some other ships decloak and catch him. Some 5 minutes later, he tries again and manages to escape safely. Phew.


At this point one of our newer guys has warped his Drake to another POS but has bounced of the shields without noticing. The cloaked ADHOC guys have noticed, because their pilots have just re-shipped into a bomber fleet which just warped to one of our towers. Fortunately, our guy notices right as the Bombers decloak and manages to warp away. Just.

We chat with the ADHOC guys in local for 10 minutes (they’re good guys!), before they finally drop a Capital and close their wormhole. End of the night for us.

Saturday 4th August

The odd wormholes continue. Our static today leads to our sister Class 4 wormhole – Penny of http://www.tigerears.org/ lives here, though is offline by the time I log on. She’s spooked the neighbours though, by killing a Noctis already.

A Class 3 down the chain has a Viator warping from a wormhole to a tower, so we’re suspecting a miner out there. Why you would mine in a nullsec rather than the Grav site in your home C3 is beyond me, but OK.

We jump a HIC into the nullsec. He bubbles a Hulk, who jumps. He jumps back to the null when he sees our fleet. He’s now polarised. He dies. Nom nom shiny Shield Booster.

The night continues, as we try to goad the paranoid residents of the chain into our guns. Will be succeed? Probably not.


Silent Terror managed to decloak a Rokh on the C3a wormhole, but it appears it was Warp Core Stablized and escaped. That’s OK though, because we’ve waited for him to return, and return he did. Into our Fleet, of course.


What an intriguing fit.

Dancing round a hostile fleet that outguns us somewhat, we’ve scouted a Tengu site-running in a nearby C2. So we launch a pure cloaky fleet and kill that too.

21:29:38 Notify El Oculto has initiated self-destruct of their Tengu, it will explode in 120 seconds.

Well that fit is absolutely terrible.

We head home to find the aforementioned hostile fleet trying to collapse our C5->C4a wormhole. Their Falcon cover prevents us from engaging their Orca, but they bail on it anyway. This actually wouldn’t effect us, since we also own the C4a!

Regardless, the Wormhole is now halved, so we finish the job and collapse it. Time for a new chain!

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  1. Always fun reading how others view us in adhc and run into us 😉 keep up the bloggin!

  2. I’m famous! I’m the chat windows!

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