Inferno 1.2 Changes

CCP are deploying Inferno 1.2 on August 8th.

I cannot actually access Singularity at the moment (tgl3 is still unsubbed on there) so this post will lack screenshots and precise stats. If you have either, let me know so I can update the post.

Without further ado, here’s what I know of:

  • Attack Frigate Changes – A change to the Executioner, Condor, Atron and Slasher to make them more viable for combat. New stats here, with a small update here.
  • Mining Barge ChangesA change to barges & exhumers. The main change is a move from Cargo Holds to a new dedicated Ore Bay, but also changes around the roles. CCP have not announced the exact details, but there’s a pastebin here of the changes mined from the test server or something. This also include a couple of new rigs for mining ships. Have fun!
  • New Alchemy reactions –  CCP are introducing new Alchemy things in 1.2. Their Devblog is here. There’s also an update to the reactions, found here.
  • Rookie Ship buff – CCP are giving all the Rookie Ships a fixed role bonus, and generally improving their stats. This should make Rookie Ships a viable combat ships for very low SP pilots, since the bonuses include EWAR. Stats here.
  • V3 Angel Ships – The V3 changes are continuing with the Angel Ships being updated. Check out the CCP video here!
  • UPDATE: Self destruct changes – SD’ing will now give loot and a killmail
  • UPDATE: Incursion Changes – A buff to OTA sites in Vanguard Incursion systems. Changes here.
  • UPDATE: Tooltips on hovering over weapons!

  • T2 armor plates – Tech 2 Armor plates have had their HP buffed, now giving more Armor than the Meta 4 varient (Rolled Tungsten)
  • New NPE – An improved New Player Experience is en route.
  • Fittings now save cargo/rigs – Some awesome Dev (CCP Punkturis) has added the ability to fit your cargo and rigs when fitting from the fitting browser.
  • Changes to Missile Names (again) – CCP have made a couple of changes to the naming of Heavy Assault Missiles and FoF missiles. Dev blog here.
  • Changes to Implant descriptions and market sorting – In the same Dev blog as above, the description of implant bonuses have been made a bit more consistent, and their market orders have been improved so they actually make sense.
  • Improved Unified Inventory usability – You can now drag out windows from the main Inventory window. Probably other stuff too.
  • Green Screen in Character Creation – You can now select a “green screen” option in character re-customization.
  • Improved Market Search – The Market search function has been improved, splitting results into subsections (ships, propulsion etc) for easier location of what you want

That’s everything I could find for now, but there’s some other stuff to look out for:

If I missed anything, please let me know. Since I can’t access Singularity, it’s really hard to check for the new stuff!

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  1. CCP Punkturis was the dev that gave you saved rigs/cargo

  2. That was CCP Two Step bow down to your CCP overlords

  3. Your blog is so useful! Also when are you becoming a pirate again? Wormholes are so 2009!

  4. Hey tgl3, if you still don’t have access to Sisi and need screens and stats, feel free to use mine.

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