Two of Three

It’s a slow start to the day. I’ve logged on to see our static C4 dead and gone, resulting in a need to scan a new one. It doesn’t take long, the only other signature being an End of Life nullsec wormhole. The C4 static is equally slow, being a Red Giant system devoid of any occupation but full of signatures to get in my way. A fair few minutes of scanning results in me finding this system’s C2 static.

Now we’re getting somewhere. C2a has a tower, and there’s a Hoarder on scan. The system boasts High/C1 statics, so there could be some traffic to shoot. The Hoarder turns out to be at the aforementioned tower, though piloted, and my probes resolve not 2, but 4 wormholes. The High and Static C1a are here, but so is a second C1b, as well as an End of Life inbound Lowsec wormhole.

I jump into C1b first, finding 3 Mammoths on scan with a tower. The Mammoths, however, are not at the tower and must be doing PI. I warp to the outermost planet’s customs office, which is nicely off scan of everything else except one other planet. However, my attempt to snag all three fails as I pass up attacking one Mammoth in the hope the others will also warp in. They don’t, and I see all 3 pilots swap to Capsules at the tower and log off. Curses.

Meanwhile, Silent Terror has joined me with an Eris, and has just missed a cloaky Tengu at a planet in the same system. We decide to move back to C2a and try to camp the wormhole. However, our Interceptor doesn’t arrive before the Tengu jumps in and we miss him thanks to the cloaking device.

A few minutes pass as we see the Tengu launch Scan Probes, but are unable to locate his planet in time. He soon jumps out to the highsec, leaving us alone again.

Silent heads home and goes AFK, whilst Firefly logs on to replace him. I scout the rest of the constellation, finding nothing of note, before jumping back to C1b. 3 pods are on scan now, all of which different to the 3 before. I warp to the tower and see them all log off – looks like I just missed another PI run. Curious.

We decide to go scout the Nullsec wormhole in home, but Outer Ring seems dead and the only thing we find is an empty Magnate, which we pop. Truly we are master hunters.

Even more time passes, and I decide to scout C1b a third time. This time, I see 3 pods on scan that are again a different set to the last two groups. I warp to the tower to see them all board Mammoths, the same ones as were used before.

I spy with my little eye…

I call in Firefly, who grabs his cloaky Loki and rushes over. I have a plan, it’s an awesome one. Firefly will sit at the outermost planet’s customs (Planet 11) whilst I sit at Planet 10, both in scan range of nothing else but each other. The moment a Mammoth appears on scan at close range (so heading to our planet rather than the other’s) we decloak and pre-heat our systems.

Firefly moves out whilst I watch for movement. After about 5 minutes, all 3 Mammoths warp off in the same direction; Planet 1. I warp out to Planet 10 and we begin the waiting game. Both myself and Firefly have one point each, so we’re going to struggle to catch all three Mammoths. That’s not taking into account that they could have Warp Core Stabilisers, or that we’re separated to start. Could be interesting.

Finally, a Mammoth appears on my scan, followed by the other two. Firefly reports nothing on his scan, so he warps to me. The first Mammoth lands about 5km off me, so I open fire and burn straight at him with my MWD, bumping him miles off his align. The other two land as well, so I keep point on the first Mammoth whilst trying to bump a second, which I succeed in doing.

Three Mammoths. Two points. One clueless blogger.

Firefly lands and engages the Mammoth I just bumped, whilst the first Mammoth explodes. I point the other Mammoth, but he warps away. Curses, Warp Core Stabs! I point the remaining Mammoth and re-bump it, ensuring it falls to our guns. All the pods escape, sadly, but we loot and shoot the wrecks regardless.

Not exactly a super-exciting ambush but all 3 Mammoths were stabbed beyond our ability to warp scramble so the fact we still got two is a win in my books.

The little engagements ends any signs of activity for the night, so it’s time to watch the excellent RvB Alliance Tournamant Match, which was nail-biting even for me. Seriously, down one Proteus to start and they still claw a victory? Nice job, guys!

It’s also Ganked Night tonight, co-inciding with the “Thukk you, Frill Me!” event. The Theme is Stabber Hulls, in protest of the change to the Vagabond model. New Caldari is the meetup, 1900 EVE time. Be there.

Here’s the Rote Kapelle vs RvB Alliance Tournament match:

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