Ganked 30; Kitchen Sink gets hotdropped by -A-

Ganked 30 – Anything but the kitchen sink is today’s roam. Green Gambit is replacing Mangala as FC, and our fleet theme is “whatever you like”. Laser Brutix it is, then.

The CCP Alliance Tournament X stream is showing Rens undock, our gather point, so we mess about there for an hour before the roam start time.

Colours everywhere!

Eventually we moved out with 180 in fleet. A mix of ships, from a Keres to a Rattlesnake, with shinies and not-so-shinies in between.

It’s like “Where’s Wally?”, but with ships.

We pile into nullsec, no different from usual, only to discover that a 60+ man gang was waiting in the system of Utopia. Drakes, Logi and Blackbirds have been reported. So we naturally lemming in.

Always hold cloak.

The enemy fleet engage us as we decloak, so we obviously engage back. The enemy fleet is no match for our sheer numbers, and they’re quickly overwhelmed.

The field after

Battle report. No more screenshots, because I forgot. A damn good fight, so cheers to Eternal Evocations for bringing it.

Moving on swiftly, we didn’t actually encounter anything except a 100mn Tengu who died rather expensively.

Until, that is, we jumped into 4NBN-9, where a .-A-. Devoter drops behind us. He jumps in with us, so we do what we always do. We bubble.

He cynos.

This is the exact moment hilarity started ensuing

A large -A- gang with a Triage Thanatos, Guardians, battleships and more drops on our fleet. We start by primarying the Guardians, which actually melt surprisingly quickly.


With the Guardians down, we start shooting a Navy Geddon, but the Triage Carrier is too much for us, so we switch between Canes, Arazus and Oracles in order to try and get kills.


We’re losing people fast, the -A- Battleships tearing us a new hole, but with only the one Carrier supporting them, we’re killing a few. We’re losing a lot more, as is expected!

At this point, my brave Laser Brutix is primaried and explodes.

Yup, think we’re losing

We lose the field before long, but it was a good fight! Battle Report (Kind of messed up). UPDATE: VIDEO

Also, someone made a pony of tgl3. No, really. Here it is.


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  1. ….Eve ponies? we really are invading everything. good stuff here

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