RvB: Why I should stop engaging Tornados

Throughout this week, I’ve been patrolling the Blue HQ system of Liekuri in my little Incursus of doom. Avoiding blobs whilst trying to to engage without a cruiser or above on the undock (which could just alpha me) has been possibly the biggest challenge I’ve ever faced in EVE, and my failure has been showcased by the fact that before last night, despite 5 days in RvB, I had not yet lost a ship.

I’d killed a few, sure, usually in a two-man gang with one of Red’s main solo pilots; Patrick Kasper. The highlight of our little gang was probably a 2v2 against 2 other Red pilots in frigates, which were both rather close. I’d post the mails, but I can’t seem to find them.

Most of my attempts to engage on the undock were met with some rather larger ships.


Eventually I see a lone Kestrel frigate on the undock, with a Thrasher destroyer some 30km away. “I can kill this guy and try to avoid the Thrasher” says my stupid brain.

So I engage the Kestrel, knocking it to low armour before he starts shield boosting. By this point, however, the Thrasher has landed on my arse courtesy of a MWD and is happily attacking me.

Reps go into overheat as I swap my scram onto the Thrasher and pulse an overheat on my Afterburner to try and break range. It succeeds, probably because the Thrasher messed his piloting, and I’m soon 20km from him. I’m still pointed though, so I recall my brave Warrior II and start de-agressing. By this point however, a couple of Merlins are now giving me funny looks.

This Incursus needs a better heat vent system

I re-overheat the Armour Repair systems, and am silently glad none of the Blue pilots have Energy Neutralizers. My armour starts playing ping pong, with structure damage slowly accumulating, especially now the Thrasher is back on me at 0 and I’m webbed.

At half structure, I manage to finish the minute of de-agressing and dock. No kill for me, but I’m satisfied I denied them one too.

Patrick then reports a Tornado 100km off a gate in system, so I swap to my trusty Nemesis – designed (but never used) to decloak smack bang on top of these types of snipers.

Of course, all plans that are good on paper are never good in reality. The bouncing-bookmarks to land on the Tornado? That worked FINE.


Of course, what did not work fine, was the Tornado being dual-web fit. Or having 220mm Autocannons. Did I mention I was in a relatively paper thin Nemesis?

Yeah that ended well.

Fortunately, brave Patrick is in a much less fragile Merlin and, with the help of an unfleeted Dramiel which burned out to us, avenged my loss by destroying the Tornado.

Op success, but as per my little internal rule, I can’t replace the Nemesis. I need to lose more ships before I can return to the Wormhole.

Fortunately, this weekend in RvB is “Frigatus Weekend” which basically means “Frigs only, fleets to have a maximum of 10, everyone not in fleet (incluing corpmates) are free targets”.  Could be fun!

ALSO Ganked 30 is tonight, and the fleet theme is “Kitchen Sink”. So bring whatever. Mangala isn’t even the FC tonight, instead replaced by Green Gambit. Meetup in Rens.

Show up.

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