Thoraxes into Delve triggers a 3 way brawl

Note: I’m terrible with keeping up with corp/alliance coalitions, so I apologise if I get any of the participants of tonight’s battle wrong. Which I probably have.

It’s a Ganked Night (Ganked 29, to be exact), and Mangala has decided we should be in male genitalia-shaped ships, namely Thoraxes. I don’t know why, but don’t really care.

Heading out from Rens into Providence in our 140 man fleet, we run into a whole lot of NOTHING except a Curse which insta-dies, an Abaddon which jumps into us and lasts all of 4 seconds, an Apocalypse which we catch in an Anomaly (5 acceleration gates to get to him) and finally 3 CVA smartbombing Battleships which utterly fail in their mission.

Go, glorious Penis fleet, go towards glory!

We roll through Catch, briefly stopping to stare down a CVA BC gang which runs away, before eventually deciding to go crash into Delve, where there is apparently a war going on.

Slowly moving into the region, we’re informed by several people that we’re being pinged on pretty much every intel channel. -A-, TEST, Goons, PL, you name it, we’re being reported on it.


We’re eventually informed that there’s a Goon Shield BC fleet ahead of us in 319, and an -A- gang behind us. Could we trigger a fight? We were going to find out.

We pile up on the 319-3D Gate in D-3GIQ, and play the WAITING GAME. Within mere minutes, the Goons (at least, I think it was Goons. Our own intel is shaky at best and I am useless at identifying coalition members) jumps into us with a Logistic-heavy Drake gang. The battle is joined.

This Onyx actually died before I got close enough to tackle

Whilst we desperately try to not die straight away, the -A- gang lands right behind us in an Armour heavy gang with Battleships. I think. (I was busy dying)

This image is most apt.

I explode within moments. At this point we give up any semblance of trying to win and our FC orders us to “whore everything you can”. No, really.

I had popcorn at this point

I have absolutely no idea who is who

Op success. We have triggered a 3 way brawl, which is rapidly becoming a 2 way brawl with a third party firing pea shooters at both sides. I was told after the fight that the Nulli logistics team was a bit panicked, because they couldn’t figure out our primaries simply because everyone was just swapping targets to killmail whore. WHOOPS.

I soon realised I couldn’t whore mails in a pod, so rewarped and jumped into 319, grabbed a noobship from the station there (and avoided a Tornado on the undock) and returned to the fight.

Only to be shot the moment I decloaked in my Velator.

The field as I jumped back in

The field as I was podded back out

At this point, I had absolutely no idea who was shooting whom, but was reasonably confident that everyone shot everybody and hilarity was had. I’d link a battle report, but I think it broke with there being 3 sides. Check out the RvB Ganked board instead for our kills, though the kills there are posted by hand and it’s therefore nowhere close to being complete yet. UPDATE: Mangala is pretty sure he’s manage to filter the BR to show our own kills. See here.

I like this Delve place. Maybe we’ll return on next week’s Ganked. Provided there’s still a war on, of course.

P.S. If anyone got my corpse, I hear Flistir is paying 50 Million ISK for it.


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  1. Great write-up and excellent images. The “We Are Here” image is the best.

  2. faceless parmala

    Glad to see your back in Eve. I was needing a good blog to hold me over till I’m back in Eve.

  3. joshualogancook

    awesome, btw adjust your broadcast settings so you’re not getting shield / armor requests when you’re not running logi

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