Roaming nowhere

I still have sec status to lose. This must be rectified at once.

The best way to fix this? Go on roams with fellow R1FTA members.

Tuesday Night Roam

First up, a mid-week frigate roam under DARKSTAR, a guy with such a broken keyboard we’re setting up a fund to get the guy a new one. SO HE CAN STOP TYPING LIKE THIS.

Anyway, our roam encounters not a lot, but we do run into a one Rixx Javix in his no-longer-frilled Vagabond.


Rixx wisely chooses not to engage us, and we can’t be arsed trying to catch him, so we continue on where our scout reports a Vexor in a belt.

This Vexor, to be precise

It explodes rather quickly. I think we killed a newbie. Oops.

Soon after (lol GCC) our scout reports a Prophecy. THIS CANNOT POSSIBLY BE BAIT YOU GUYS.


As it turns out, he WAS bait (funny that), and we ran away as a Macharial and some other stuff landed behind us. Oh well. Tired, we headed home. Sec status at 1.2, from 3.0 last week.

Friday Night Roam

Roll onto Friday Night, with our Frigate fleet being lead by Kaeda Maxwell. Our glorious fleet roams into Oueletta, where we engage a flashy Hurricane on a gate. Only to have some T3s also drop on the flashy members of our fleet (all of them except me), which results in the Cane dying, along with us. Battle Report.

We regroup and head out along a different route, up to Lonetrek and back. Encountering nothing but more T3s, we’re feeling a bit low at not getting a decent fight.

Then we see a few neutrals in local in Eha, and a Minor Plex has just opened up!

Kaeda bravely fleetwarps us in, where some Destroyers are waiting. We obviously engage.

Anti T1 Frig ships vs T1 Frigs, gogo!

As we desperately fight against the ships on field, a couple more destroyers warp in one at a time, and the first few we kill reship and return as well!

WTB ability to remember my blasters are close range

The fight rages on, with our Frigates slowly dying off as more of the enemy return in new shiny ships.

4 of us left…

Kaeda explodes and transfers the remnants of the fleet to my command, but we’re down to 3 and another Destroyer has warped in. We don’t have the DPS to break anything now so I call a bail.


I’m caught and go down, as is the only other remaining pilot on our side. We post “gf”s in local, since it was, and slowly head home in our lovely Capsules. A damn good fight.

Battle Report

Finally, my Sec Status is now negative!


Of course, I can’t let it get too low, so I shall likely leave R1FTA when it drops close to -2.0 (thus stopping me from going to 1.0 systems)

That will likely occur soon, so… still looking for FW corp!

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  1. I always love lines like this: “As it turns out, he WAS bait (funny that), and we ran away as a Macharial and some other stuff landed behind us. Oh well. Tired, we headed home. ”

    I then recall that a good friend of mine said “There is no such thing as a fair fight in eve” Which is funny because there are so many people professing to be on here for PVP and when they get it they “run away” and “head home”.

  2. It took me forever and a full Hulkageddon, including many popped pods, to get my sec status to -10.0

    It’s not as easy as it looks. Seriously, try -9 to -10 😀

  3. Until very recently, I flew with Amarr Retribution(the guys you fought). If you’re looking for a FW corp for smaller gang roams, I highly recommend them. Really great bunch of guys who know what they’re doing and don’t need a fleet of 50 to win a fight

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