A Game of Drones

There’s a Myrmidon Battlecruiser on scan, tgl! Quick, find it!

What do we have to kill it? Why, the HMS Victory, my own Myrmidon Battlecruiser. Having never engaged a Myrmidon with another of the same class, I am rather unsure on how this will go down.

I undock, and scan the hostile Myrm to a belt. He doesn’t stay there long though, warping to the station I’m sat on. We sit there for a spell, staring each other down. A battle of wits, to be sure.

Then the Myrmidon warps to the star.

I warp at 20km, and we land on top of each other.


Dual 180mm Autocannons smack into my hull as my dual webs and small Autocannons slow him down. Both ships launch drones, a full wave of Hammerhead IIs from me and a mix of Ogres and Light Drones from the hostile.

My drones continue eating away at his armour whilst my guns turn on the Ogre Is instead, which in turn are slowly beating back my own armour. A promising victory turns quickly when the enemy, predictably, repairs once he gets rather low.


It appears the enemy is triple rep tanked, as opposed to my dual reps. This has given him a somewhat better cap ability due to dual cap boosters, as well as the ability to fit the larger guns. I can hold, but not for long.

A Rifter Bro has arrived in system, and warps to us at the star where he starts engaging the hostile drones.

Go Rifter go!

Sadly, Rifter Bro doesn’t last long against the now-enraged Myrm. He’s bought the time I needed to get my arse into gear though, and it’s time to engage in the Drone Wars. I recall my Hammerheads and deploy Hobgoblins, and begin taking out the hostile drones. The enemy pilot notices and starts cycling his drones in and out, whilst shooting my own. I respond in kind, using lovely hotkeys to cycle my drones back and lock his new ones before re-deploying.

Now almost 10 minutes into the fight, we’re both starting to run low on ammo but not cap boosters. This means that the fight really will be decided by the one with the better drones remaining, so the cycling is taken up a notch. Out go the lights, in come the lights, up go locks, out, engage, return, re-engage, explode. Such is the life of a Myrmidon drone.

A Friendly Wolf has arrived and engages the Myrm, but again goes down flaming. So many friends lost. THIS WILL NOT STAND. YOU SHALL BE AVENGED BROS.

By this time, I’ve eaten away the Myrm’s Medium and Heavy drones and a good chunk of his Warriors, whilst only losing 2 Hobgoblins. After almost 15 minutes of fighting, he’s out of drones and his Medium Autocannons simply cannot track mine.

The Wolf pilot returns in a Thrasher destroyer as we start eating away at the Myrm’s armour.

The glorious sight of no enemy drones

The Myrm makes a valiant last stand, tanking us for another few minutes before finally exploding.

We exchange words in local, him saddened at the fact he only had his Ogre Is and me saddened at not having the Ogre IIs I just finished training. Turns out I got very lucky in having a couple friends, because there was no real way I could have beaten a Triple Rep tank solo without Ogre IIs. Likewise though, I doubt he would have broken me after the drone wars either. A Myrm just doesn’t have the DPS when its’ drones are space dust.

We exchange GFs, and he leaves system. A good fight it was indeed, and certainly a new type of warfare for me.

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