The First Week

It’s been a long week since my return to the land of spaceships and ponies, and I have been bravely dying, repeatedly, in lowsec whilst attempting to become not terrible.

It isn’t working.

I started off last week figuring out what do to. With a majority of my ships (read: my recons) in the Wormhole (still!), I decided to get back up to speed by rejoining RvB for a couple of weeks. This resulted in me being kicked, due to still being on a ban list. This has now been sorted out, but I’m too busy to rejoin now!

Following a swift exit from RvB (again), I joined up with the EBIL LOWSEC PIWATES Black Rebel Rifter Club, and have proceeded to die, repeatedly, in Comets. Twice.

But it’s OK, since we killed a carrier (which actually self destructed in 50% structure)


We also killed Cynabals who were breaking the law and had to be arrested by force. All three of them. Along with a really dumb Tornado who seems to want to kill frigs in a BC designed to attack Battleships. A less dumb Talos got unlucky with a disconnect and allowed us to grab him too. Sorry Sulei!

As a result of my nefarious actions, my sec status has also dropped from 3.0 to 1.5, which isn’t too bad when you consider I haven’t attacked any pods and a large number of my kills were flashy.

So what next? I think I’ll kick back with the Rebels for a couple more weeks, then consider either Faction Warfare, RvB or just jump straight back to W-Space.

The future awaits, and it bears autocannons.

Posted on June 26, 2012, in Corporations, General stuff, Learning the ropes. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. You wouldn’t have got me without links… I landed 15km from you…to my luck i got instantly pinned, so yea, dead cyna. gf

  2. Jack Carrigan

    Welcome back mate.

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