Killing Cynabals erryday

It’s a Saturday night in EVE, and that means one thing:


One of R1FTA’s resident FCs, DARKSTAR, is leading an armour frigate roam and I have bravely signed up my SPACE PATROL VEHICLE, otherwise known as a Federation Navy Comet. A mixed gang of various frigates is our fleet composition, and away we go!

Within a few jumps, we encounter a flashy Cynabal kicking about, which keeps trying to kite us. We try several warp ins (and probes!) before giving up and moving on, only to notice it jumping behind us. He does this a few times, so on the next gate we set up a camp and prepare for BATTAL.

He jumps in. He tries to warp. He doesn’t. Shiny!

Look Ma, shiney things!

We move onwards, stopping to stow our new loot somewhere for collection later, and we soon find ourselves in Essence, where apparently some people of opposing factions shoot each other. The area is busy, and we spend time dancing round Cormorants, Cynabals, Coercers and more things beginning with C. Some fooling about at a Plex gate results in a fleet member tackling a Cynabal, resulting in this;


I fire a lot of shots, but the evil Talos has drones on me and I’m forced to warp. I return to a dead Cynabal and a running-away-quickly Talos.

A few fleet mates chase down and kill a couple of coercers whilst also getting killed by another Cynabal somewhere, so myself and a couple others join a party at the nearby iHub, where a Tornado… tries something..? Whatever it was, it dies to little success.

By this point, there’s a whole bunch of Corms, a Daredevil, a Cynabal and some other random ships scattered about the iHub. We warp in on a Daredevil and try to kill it.

The moment we do, every other ship warps in and a Falcon also decloaks against our few frigates. It ends how you’d expect. We kill a Vigil but the Falcon saves the Daredevil in structure. Poor show, FW dudes!

Now out of fleet members that still possess ships, we decide to head home. Not bad at all, for a rather impromptu outing.

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  1. this was truely epic, and the last series of fights so hectic i couldnt really tell what was going on, had i known how low that DD was i think i could have killed that instead of trying to remove the vigils tackle so people could warp out

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