A roam and a carrier at a star

Today sees Kaeda leading us on a glorious roam through lowsec. We assembled in a few cruisers but mostly frigates. 13 or so brave R1FTA members gathered for an eventual fiery death.

Heading out, eventually, we began our GLORIOUS JOURNEY.


We warp through several systems, stopping to briefly tussle with a Vagabond who shoots some of the flashy members of our gang but doesn’t bother with the rest of us, so we move on and ignore him. Boo hiss.

We carry on, trying to jump some Faction Warfare Plexers while we’re at it, but to no avail.  Sneaky guys warp out as soon as one of us enters the complex.

After a few more systems, our scout reported something very strange; a Thanatos at a star. At 0. “It’s a trap”, says everyone, but we decide to have the scout point it anyway while the rest of us arrive.

When we arrive, we engage. The Carrier fires off ECM bursts, but doesn’t appear to launch drones or use repair systems. Or hardeners.



The carrier quickly runs to 50% Structure, courtesy of no hardeners running, WHEN SUDDENLY



Happy at our kill, but a bit annoyed at the self destruct, we shot the pod and moved on.

To more glory perhaps? We shall see.

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  1. For an idea of how long all this took, initial aggro from when I first landed point:

    22:02:38 Notify For initiating combat your security status has been adjusted by -0.0868.
    22:02:40 Notify You have started trying to warp scramble Royal NASA (Thanatos).

    As you can see in TG’s log:

    22:07:13 Notify Royal NASA has initiated self-destruct of their Thanatos, it will explode in 120 seconds.

    Assuming the SD actually did come 120 seconds later, we had DPS on the thing for about six and a half minutes… and got to half structure. -_-

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