Yarring round lowsec

After much deliberation and much pondering (AKA Kaeda said I was welcome), I’ve joined the Black Rebel Rifter Club for a bit of practice being an EBIL PIWATE for a couple of weeks.

Heading out with nothing to start with but a Dual Rep Incursus (seriously, these frigate changes are amazing), I roamed the region of Placid looking for explosions and/or booze. Whichever came first.

After enduring my laptop’s constant blue-screening and random 100% CPU usage, I did manage to chase an Ishtar to a belt alongside Kaeda, only to have it warp out from under 2 warp scrams. Many “wut”s were had.

My brave Incursus finally came to an end when I attempted to hero-tackle a Vengeance on a FW-Plex gate, only to have my fleet warp to the wrong Plex. Oops

[ 2012.06.20 17:07:26 ] TrouserDeagle > god
[ 2012.06.20 17:07:27 ] TrouserDeagle > that tank

Moving on to yesterday, I had acquired GLORIOUS NEW SHIPS for use in battle, namely a Catalyst destroyer and a Myrmidon battlecruiser.

Roaming for a time in the Catalyst involved me almost dying to several gangs, but resulted in being near the system of Agoze with some fellow corp members. One of our rifters were sat at a safe and reported a small gang dropping on him. Those of us in the area warped in, only to find ourselves rather outgunned.

I called a Wolf primary but the 4 of us were being hammered having warped in one by one, and only managed to kill the Wolf before we called bail. In an odd situation, my Catalyst was wiped to 5% structure and then the hostile gang changed targets to our last remaining ship, allowing myself to warp while rather on fire. Very odd. Battle Report.

In my epic failure, I completely forgot to get any screenshots. D’oh.

Maybe next time, there’ll also be some hilarious kills. WHO KNOWS?

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