A quick shift

Apparently RvB has a ban list, and some, er, issues that occurred in November of last year has resulted in me being on there, so I’ve been removed from RvB after managing a few kills. At least until the CEO gives his approval (or disapproval). Regardless, the removal means I’m locked out of RvB for a week because of War Dec mechanics. Go figure.

So I am now looking for a FW corp/alliance. I’ve had some good suggestions, so I shall be researching the lot, namely Fweddit (If my Reddit account is technically active enough)

I’m also considering lowsec (might try to join Rifta) in the name of finding pewpew.

Anyone hiring a completely mad and somewhat suicidal pilot-that-can-fc-when-he’s-bored-also-out-of-practice?

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  1. I’m in Minmatar FW, in Rifterlings. FW is a ton of fun. Getting fights is super easy and I solo, so I guess that’s saying a bit. Fwedditors have a great attitude and are always eager to fight, so in some senses you couldn’t go wrong by joining them. I’ve heard the rest of the Amarr militia is awful though– be wary.

  2. REPO. is always looking for more piratey pilots, we hang out in Placid and go to -10 if that sort of thing interests you. Check us out at http://www.repo-corp.net/forum

  3. Sucks to be u!

    Re lock out: 7 days only applies if reapping to Red assuming we have a 3rd party war. Doesnt stop you joining Blue – unless they share the 3rd party war.

    Id say give FW a chuck mind, make billions in defence of your faction of choice.

  4. Pretty sure there is no activity requirement for fweddit – if you have a reddit account, you can join.

    • Oh right, didn’t realise that! I shall see if I have decent enough Amarr standings (training Diplomacy right now to help with that)

      • You also don’t need the standings to join a corp, only if you’re joining solo. The corp average has to be above 0, but with 400+ members fweddit probably won’t care.

        Oh, and diplomacy isn’t taken into account.

    • Your Reddit account needs to be three months old, I believe – they’ve increased the time as the corp has grown. But they don’t look at how much/if you’ve posted.

  5. Vincent R'lyeh

    R1FTA along with several of the other Molden Heath pirate corp are currently at war with E-Uni due to their LSC’s foul invasion of Heild.

    There’s certainly plenty of fighting going on but it’s not traditional Molden Heath style PvP due to the vast blobs of ECM faggotry E-Uni insist on fielding and calling ‘small gang PvP’…….

    But it’s damn good fun nonetheless if a bit of a change from the usual dynamic!

    But hey it’s always refreshing to knock it up a notch 😀

  6. My Caldari FW corp has a bit over 30 members and is tearing it up this month. Pretty much PvP on-demand where we are located these days. Check out the killboard if you match our main times and play style:


    We should be in a FW alliance we formed a week ago, but we are stuck in a mutual wardec LOL. Three other small corps in it and have been flying with us.

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