Leaving EVE

So today is the day that real life wrests EVE from my grasp, as a move of house in search of work is resulting in a lack of internet for the foreseeable future.

As such, both this blog and my EVE twitter will be going inactive till my real life gives me the time and cash to get a decent enough internet connection to return to the game.

To cover the loss of my simply amazing writing skills* I’ve compiled a small list of other blogs and sites you should be keeping an eye on.

  • For wormhole shenanigans written far better and more often than my own, check out Penny’s blog “Tiger Ears” here
  • For Ganked Night times and battle reports, keep an eye on both this forum and Mangala’s own blog.
  • For stuff from Sisi, I’d suggest keeping an eye on the EVE SubReddit.
  • For everything else, try the #tweetfleet and EVE blog pack.

I could be back within the month, or not for a year. We’ll see how it goes but I do plan to return when I can.

Thanks to all those both in-game and out who I’ve flown with and fought with over the last year and a half.

Thanks for reading. Fly safe.

P.S. I don’t have the time to write a post on the Ganked roam last night, so here’s a brief summary – left with 200 in fleet, first fight was a clusterfuck of comms but we got some decent kills, got a lot easier as our numbers wound down, culminating in this fight (which we waited 40 minutes for). Flew a bubbler for the first time, loved it.

Didn't even lose this Eris

*Citation needed

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  1. 😦 I have enjoyed reading your blog. please hurry back 🙂 Good luck with the move!

  2. First off: good luck! I’ve been at the same stage not long ago and I know it feels big.
    Secondly: you’ll be back before you know it. EVE Online usually finds its way back to you – sonner than later.
    Thirdly: I will miss your blog. I’ve really enjoyed reading it (especially because we both write about stuff on SiSi 😉 )

  3. Does this mean you’re going to abandon your characters as well?

  4. Fly safe fella, we’ll still be here when you get back.

    And dude, just a get a mcjob while you look for better things.

  5. can I have your stuff? 😛

    On a more serious note, fly(?) safe and we’ll see you when you decide to be bad in EVE again.

  6. Dracoth Simertet

    So long Tg, hope your back soon


  7. Sorry to hear it. It was good flying with you from time to time, best of luck in your RL shenanigans!

  8. Hang in there and keep the courage! Facing a similar moment in my own RL right now, but hanging on by my fingernails. Let me know when you return, and hopefully that will be sooner rather than later.

  9. Hope to see you back sooner rather than later. Good luck man.

  10. gonna miss u mate hurry up and steal your neighbours wifi already!

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