Surprising Tengus

There’s a Null inbound to our home, it appears. These are normally hilariously boring, since everyone and their mother runs to a POS whenever neutrals enter local. There’s a reason why they do that, which we prove shortly.

Jumping in first finds a lone Thanatos on scan with wrecks and no tower. Before I can pinpoint him, he’s gone. Boo. Further scouting puts him at a POS with another Thanatos.

There’s some other people in system, along with a station. The Tengu on scan, however, is not at this POS and appears to be moving. I drop probes, and scan him to a… belt?

I warp at 100 to have a quick scout, and he’s sat at 0 ratting.


One of our newer members is about and prepares a bomber as Mick prepares a Typhoon Battleship – the neuts being a key factor in ambushing this Tengu.

I rewarp, land at 0 and engage as Mick and Ren jump through and initiate their own warps.

"That's a funny shaped rat"

The Tengu’s active tank shrugs off my meagre DPS, but that’s ok, because then Mick and Ren land.

"Didn't want that tank anyway"

I deactivate my point for the pod as the Tengu explodes, zapping some subsystem skillpoints, but the pilot instawarps his pod away and logs off. Nothing shiny, unfortunately.

We return home and begin scouting our constellation, finding nothing. Before we roll, I poke my Tengu back out into the nullsec to see the Thanatos ratting again! I scan him to an anom before he warps, bookmarking it and returning to set our trap.

The plan is thus: myself and an Arazu will warp in in about 20 minutes once the Thanatos resumes ratting (we hope) to establish tackle and then an shield-fit neuting apoc and 2 Basilisks will land as I reship for a curse and the Arazu for a Moros Dreadnought. Simple.

We roll the static while waiting and re-assemble on the wormhole to the Null, when a Helios jumps into us from the same corp. Foiled.

We decide he’s not going to rat now they have scouted us, so we jump our own caps through the nullsec to close the wormhole.

Onto our static, our scout reports 5 Tengus, wrecks and no towers. Further investigation reveales that they are Remote Repair fit Tengus.

This time we assemble a Falcon, Curse, Geddon and Onyx with a Proteus as initial tackle. However, the Tengus warp off as we land. Leaving a Noctis, which we promtply kersplode, the pod warping before the Onyx even lands. A nice 220 million ISK kill there, with a decent drop. A bomber decloaks after a while, bombing our remaining Falcon as he waits cloaked, but doing insignificant damage.

I log whilst others scout the constellation, returning some hours later to a load of bookmarks and noone around.

There’s a lowsec near high a couple of jumps through the wormholes, and I need a chance to move a couple of my expensive ships out for when I leave, so I move my Sleeper Tengu and Basilisk out, the 2 wormhole systems of C4a and C2a empty of ships.

However, on my return a Tengu is now on scan in the C2 with the tower. My shuttle is a bit useless at scouting, and as I return home for the Scangu Mick logs on. We both head to the C2, now helpfully close to the end of its’ life, and I jump in first. My d-scan greets me with a Tengu and 4 wrecks now on scan.

Mick reships for his Typhoon as I d-scan the Tengu to an anomaly and establish a 250km bookmark whilst I wait on Mick.

Eventually Mick is on the C2, so I warp down to a wreck and engage the Tengu.

Cloaky TG strikes again!

Again, the Tengu laughs at my missiles. It doesn’t laugh so hard at my reinforcements.

A little backup can go far

This Tengu too explodes in a fireball, knocking off some skillpoints. The pod instawarps away, the pilot logging at his tower soon after.

Mick returns home as I head out to highsec. Ganked is tomorrow, and I have a really interesting fit that Captain Hurrdurr has sent me.

It’s this.

You may swoon now

Details here as usual. I hear EVE Radio is covering it. Might be fun to show 😉

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