Ship of choice – the Myrmidon Battlecruiser

There’s a lot of ships in New Eden. All of them vary wildly in terms of speed, range, firepower and supporting abilities. This is further magnified by the sheer magnitude of possible fits, tailoring to almost every scenario.

However, if I had one go-to ship to fly, it would be the Myrmidon.

Isn't it a lovely hull?

Sporting a large drone bay of 150m3 and a versatile slot layout of 6/5/6, the Myrm is one of the most unpredictable Battlecruisers I’ve come across. If you’re fighting a Drake, you know it’s going to have a buffer tank with missiles. The Hurricane is slightly more unpredictable, often sporting shield fits or even artillery instead of the usual Autocannons. The Harbinger is laser fit, but it too can field a shield gank fit. Despite minor variations though, these 3 ships are usually seen with the same fit types.

The Myrm? Not so much. At least from what I’ve seen.

The ships’ bonus focuses on Drones and Armour repair effectiveness, compared to the other Battlecruisers which boast bonuses to guns or missiles. This gives the Myrm it’s greatest tool – it can fit whatever the hell it wants in the highs. Drones, whilst not amazing for DPS, do give good support and frigate protection and normally provide most of the Myrm’s firepower. This means the Myrm can get away with, say, filling the highs with a full rack of Energy Neuts. With 5 med slots for tackle, propulsion and even dual cap boosters, this is often seen.

On the other hand, the Myrmidon pilot may choose to mount Medium Autocannons, the lower fitting requirements allowing him to field a strong armour buffer or even an active armour tank, particularly if the pilot has Battlecruiser V and therefore a hefty 37.5% boost to armour repair amount. Another choice are Medium blasters, though the higher fitting requirements can cause the pilot to sacrifice elsewhere. The high amount of medslots, however, means the Myrm can also fit dual webs, allowing it to keep its target within blaster range whilst the Drones also attack with ease. Small guns are a popular choice too, especially when combined with the aforementioned dual webs. This allows the Myrm to shred frigates with relative ease whilst maintaining a strong tank.

In terms of Active tank, the Myrm can be seen with 1, 2 or 3 repair modules. The Triple Rep Myrm is vulnerable to neuting, but will also be fielding two cap boosters in return. The  tank potential on such a fit is quite high and is a personal favourite. Dual reps are often combined with a 1600mm plate for extra buffer, and can also be a tough nut to crack.

Buffer tank Myrms can choose to field either a strong Armour tank or even a Shield tank, using shield relays to give it a very high shield recharge rate. Both are equally viable, though the shield tank offers no tackle or propulsion mods and can usually be ignored in a larger fight (assuming you know the Myrm is tanked as such!)

A result of this versatility means that people often struggle to figure out how to counter the Myrm. It could be a low-dps shield fit boat or a highly dangerous neuting battlecruiser. It could be a brick buffer tank or a high-repping triple repair fit. It could spout ECM drones everywhere or a mix of Ogres and Hammerheads. It could be fit to kill cruisers or fit to shred frigates.

And that’s why I choose the Myrm over other Battlecruisers. Plus, it’s fricking vertical.

Posted on January 29, 2012, in General stuff. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. It’s freakin vertical! Good enough reason to fly any ship in my opinion. 😀

  2. Looks like a Minbari war cruiser, which makes it aces in my book.

  3. I still remember you flying that tri-repped myrmidon everywhere in RVB and tanking drakes lols.

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