Wallet Wednesday

It’s Wednesday. I want to post something. I’m also selling all that POS loot from yesterday, so I’m staring at my wallet a lot. A post on my ISK it is. Expect boringness.

When I left RvB, I had a little over 800 Million ISK. I’d achieved this through some Incursioning and Mission Running on the side during my time there.  I was then gifted with an extra 1 Billion ISK from Kurzick, presumably for my time in RvB. I’m still grateful to this day.

Following this, I hit incursions till I hit 2 Bill ISK. I then bought a lot of stuff – mostly ships for WH space as I joined Wormhole Engineers. This dropped me to 1.6 Bill.

Over the next month I bought my first Tech 3 ship, dropping me to 1.1 Billion. Wormhole ISK propped me back up to 1.4 by November.

More Wormhole ISK in early November put me up to 1.7 again. Then the CCP Dev fleet hit, and I scored 3 PLEX and other loot. This put me up to 3.2 Billion. Easily my record in EVE to date.

Iskies nom nom

So I did what any normal man would. I bought things. Namely, the HMS Cloakstorm – a second Tengu fitted for WH scouting. Down to 2.6 Bill now. Hrm.

But then luck strikes, as we have a lucky day, finding an offline POS in Nullsec and getting a free Orca in a C4. Between this and some more WH Anoms, I’m up to 3.1 Billion.

Which is where I find myself today, setting up sell orders and contracts for yesterday’s haul. At current prices, we’re looking at about 2.5bill between myself and Konici, which should leave me at over 4 Billion.

Not bad for a 25 Million SP PvP pilot, I think.

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  1. Funny, I just hit my peak last night at about 3.2 bil as well. Mine came from Somer Blink though – wasn’t able to find any worthwhile offlined POSes yesterday 😦

  2. 28mil SP here, and 10bil ISK 😛
    plus 5bil of equipment/BPOs and recently bought char for 7bil. And PLEXing 4 accounts.

    You should look into industry if you want to make big buck for quite minimal time spent.

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