Fuel block change results in a lot of loot

Warning – screenshot heavy post.

It’s patch day! Along with many other changes, today brings the POS Fuel switchover. As such, we have a plan. It’s an amazing plan. It’s called “Find the POS Towers that didn’t add the new fuel and are now offline”.

We were actually kidding when we created the amazing plan, but hey who knows, right? I know nearly every wormhole corp has the same idea so someone is bound to find something.

I’m on right as the server goes up from the patch downtime, finding myself alone. After messing with the new Neocom for some minutes, I decide to scan down our C4 static. It’s the only sig in system, so I’m jumping in within minutes.

D-scan shows a lone tower, with a Chimera, Cheetah and Dominix accompanying it. I modify my d-scan to show tower modules and Force Fields, and hit scan again. There’s no Force Field. This means the tower is probably offline.

Oh my.

Quick, TG, locate the tower! D-scan honing puts it at a moon, and it isn’t long before I’m in warp.

Oh my.

There’s a distinct lack of a forcefield

Well damn. What do I do here? Brag about it on twitter of course, but that’s another story. I can’t fly a Chimera, but I can fly the Dominix. I yoink that first and move it home.

I do not appear to be able to use T2 large projectiles

I return in my Scangu, desperately messaging the two alliance mates who are also on twitter. I need some help with all this!

As I re-enter the C4, there’s a pod on scan! A hitch in the plan. I warp to the tower at 10km, remaining cloaked, and see the pod board the Cheetah. I decloak and engage, shredding both ship and pod before they can warp away.



Konici joins me on Vent having heard my plea for help and logs in his characters as I explain the current situation. The C4 occupants sure as hell know I’m here now, so we kinda have to move.

I start shooting the Corporate Hanger as Kon warps an Oracle and Manticore in. It melts under the combined firepower of all 3 ships, revealing a lot of cans…

This is can 1 of the 6 cans that dropped…

Whilst I’m browsing the new cans, Kon has just finished blowing up the Ship Maintenance array, revealing MOAR SHIPS


Neither of us can fly an Orca, dilemma! Kon has a bright idea though – he’s moving 2 alts with industrial ships to loot the cans. Excellent.

Next up is the X-Large Assembly. It too melts within seconds, dropping 3 cans – all of which contain captial construction parts. whoops.

Subsystem Assembly Array is next, dropping some subsystem BPCs in one can and some sleeper loot in anothe- OH MY GOD.


It’s like I’m 5 on Christmas morning all over again. This is amazing.

A pilot from the Tower’s corp has just convo’d me. It’s not the pilot I killed, either.


Er, ok. No. *Close window*

Another POS mod drops some datacores. Or maybe it was the subsystem array. I DON’T KNOW KONICI IS BLOWING THEM UP TOO FAST.

I have no idea what these do

Re-examining some earlier cans reveals some faction mods kicking about.

Another can from the hanger

Mick has logged on, but he’s in highsec. Bugger. He can’t help us out with the Orca yet.

But suddenly, a NEW problem. There’s a new ship with us. A Tengu has logged on at the tower!

Myself and Kon engage, both of our haulers warping home.

Curse Pulsar wormholes!

Neither of us are fit to slay a Tengu, but he has neither of us pointed. We both warp home.

Right. Reship time.

He’s logged on in the Tengu, and it wasn’t covert fit and didn’t point any of us. PvE fit – probably active tanked. I have the perfect ship for this.

I swap for a Curse whilst Kon swaps for a Geddon and Buffer Tengu. We jump back into the C4, warp to the tower and he’s still there.


The Tengu explodes, dropping a very shiny faction booster for us. YAY. We get the pod too, because why not.

Ok, we have DPS ships here now. We can’t exactly steal the Chimera. None of us can fly one and it won’t fit through the Wormhole home anyway. Time to shoot it!

The Chimera explodes, not leaving us a lot to loot. Oh well.

Kon has brought a hauler back again, and our glorious CEO Riyu has logged on for a few minutes. He comes in, jumps in the Orca, scoops all the ships bar the Iterons, the Drake and the Ferox and takes it home. I swap to a pod and grab the Drake (which is unfitted) and the Ferox, which is fitted for Gas. We’re done. Time to go home. We leave one of the Iterons, but that’s it.

We gather all the module loot together. Here’s the lot:

The Loot container is actually ours, so it’s empty.

On top of this, we also nabbed –

  • Orca
  • Griffon
  • Buzzard x2
  • Daredevil
  • Drake
  • Ferox
  • Iteron Mk 5

We killed a Chimera, Tengu, Cheetah & 2 pods.

Total estimated haul: Just over 1.5bill for Nano-ribbons alone. 2 bill+ each (between, Kon, Riyu and myself) for the lot.

Not bad at all for an early morning scan.

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  1. You are my hero. Why can’t this stuff ever happen to me?

    Going to make a point of scanning down every wormhole I can today.

    • I’m at work, no EVE here, but I got corpies scanning down all our statics / randoms right now after reading this. We had a C5 random the other day, here’s to hoping we score big.

  2. You are a bad, bad man, and should feel proud of yourself.

  3. Awesome idea, why didn’t I think about it earlier ? Either way, sweet loots.

  4. You lucky bastard! Hopefully there are still some left for the rest of us when I get home. The clock is ticking, only another 5 hours of work 😦

  5. http://i.imgur.com/T7QCe.jpg, http://i.imgur.com/ZLytc.jpg only 2 screenshots i managed to grab of ours Tgl, was too busy with the looting. it was very nioce for them to leave a moros for us to use.


  7. What is the Add-on that gives the Extra Info when you Mouse over that Ship?


    *huff puff*

    Anyways, nice job.

  9. Holy god, man. That’s enough to make someone /ragequit for a few weeks right there. Well done!

  10. Ahahah man, I had exactly the same idea one month ago as soon as I knew January 24th was the hit date for fuel blocks ^^
    Told my corpmates to look for POSes without FF in low sec, we’ve looted so shiny lootz too :
    Around 2B5 in platinum technite in a reaction POS, an apoc navy issue T2 rigged and faction fitted for 1B2 and some labs + assembling array destroyed.

    You guys did well, I am amazed at people not looking at patchnotes and/or splashscreens …
    I knew I would see posts like these 😛
    These guys must have been like “DAMN WHY CAN’T I ONLINE THE POS? THERE ARE FUEL IN IT !”

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