Our lucky day

It’s Ganked day, but that’s later. For now, I have to contend with logging into a End Of Life Static as well as an EOL inbound C2. Raymond is online too, so we chat whilst we wait for the static to die. Wrathhammer logs on and joins us, but he’s actually smart and probes for new sigs. Ray does the same, both locating a new signature which resolves as an inbound Nullsec.

Jumping in puts us in the arse end of nullsec – a system in Esoteria, a Region I have never even heard of before. A lone pilot is in local, though d-scan shows no ships to accompany the wrecks there. He cloaked up as we entered it seems, so the system seems boring.

But wait! Mick has spotted something odd about the lone Small Amarr tower on scan – there’s no forcefield. There’s also a Hanger array and Ship Maintenance array. Possible goodies are to be had, so we quickly locate it.

Look, stuff!

Ray can fly an Iteron V, so he heads out to join us as Wrath brings an alt in with a Talos to shoot these POS mods. The SMA doesn’t drop any ships for us, but the Hanger drops a can with some shinies. Ray arrives, grabs the Iteron and loots the can as Wrath pops the remaining ships, save the Anathema which we take home with us.

Ray uploads us a screenshot for us to see what we’ve managed to nab.


The haul is not bad by any means, and it’s happy faces all round. Talk about luck!

We drop a Moros and some ships into the null to finish the tower off. There’s some ratters next door too, but they hide in their own POS when we enter, refusing to come out. Spoilsports.

Jumping all the ships home criticals the WH, so we leave that be. We have a new static to explore!

And what a boring static it is. Unoccupied with a C5 static. Out own wormhole is waking up nicely now, with our leader Riyu logged on, along with Valon. We find no inbounds in C4a, and are gearing up to run some Capital escalations in our home. Riyu kindly pays us for the loot we snagged from the POS, the corp going on to sell them later.

Wrath jumps 2 Tengus into the C4 to run some sites when he reports an Orca on scan.

Tengus jump back, and forward goes my cloaky Tengu and Wrath’s cloaky Proteus. The Orca has warped somewhere. Wrath warps to drop probes and I warp to the outer planet at 100km. Landing 20km from an Orca.

It’s a Narwhal. pilot – an alliance famous among WH corps for their efficiency as a Wormhole mercenary force. Wrath lands with me and we both engage. We merely point, however, when the pilot ejects. Said pilot then doesn’t warp, so we pod him. We now have an empty Orca.

Cheers bro

Riyu can fly one, so he runs over, jumps in and warps it home. Meanwhile, another pilot is talking in local.

[ 2012.01.21 16:07:02 ] Klurgsenator > the fuck just happened O.o??
[ 2012.01.21 16:07:15 ] Klurgsenator > got yourselves some free orca?

Wrath talks to him in a private convo. Turns out, this pilot was selling the wormhole – leaving an alt in to get their buyer a route in. He had logged in cloaked as we had landed on the Orca 30km away from him.

We scan again, revealing no inbounds. It’s a mystery how this Orca got here, but we need to be safe to run our Cap escalations! We roll the C4 and begin making ISK, running one site to a quad cap escalation. My own payout is lower than the Caps, but ISK is ISK!

The anom payout, with the POS loot payout underneath

The wallet is now looking extremely healthy. Maybe I can splash out on something shiny.

But Ganked beckons, so we roll wormholes till myself and Zerund get a k-space route. We do eventually, and it’s off we go!

But the luck is not over for those who stayed behind. Oh no. They rolled again, and scanned their way to a C5 Pulsar where 2 Moros and a Chimera sat at a POS. One of the Moros warped into the site with a Noctis, and my allies took their chance. Snagging the Noctis (200m), the Noctis’ pod (104m) and finally the Moros itself. The Pulsar wormhole effect giving it a hefty shield tank, but no amount of shiny mods could save this Dreadnaught (3,200m). One hell of a kill.

The Moros pilot escapes with his pod, but returns in a Naga. It’s caught, and this time his pod is too.

It’s been a lucky day for us all. Were we lucky on Ganked too? Next post will tell 😉

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