Ganked 13 – Missiles versus RP’ers

It’s missile night, and that means Drakes. Lots of Drakes. The turnout is good. As Mang puts it – all the mission runners have missile skills, so now they all show up 😉 Our destination tonight is Providence. We’re off to the land of the RP alliance, and this time we intend to actually get there. 127 of us are in fleet – almost a Ganked record! Some Snigg bombers are behind us. Friendly or hostile, we have no idea. So we shoot them anyway, managing to catch 2 of them as they all jump in behind us. Pop. Pop. Next up, a scout has located an Abaddon running a mission. He establishes tackle and away we go, piling into the system. Our glee is increased when a Megathron lands at the mission the same time as 90 drunk pilots. The Abaddon explodes, followed by the Mega.


Next up, we have a few ships hiding in a fairly undefended POS. So we attack it.

Die POS die

Sadly, because luck isn’t with us all the time, the POS smacks into reinforced. The locals seem pretty mad. We’re getting in the way of their ratting, after all.

[ 2012.01.21 22:37:32 ] entroncas > just because u gather 115 man fleet doens’t mean ur ally still pathetic as it is

[ 2012.01.21 22:37:38 ] tgl3 > umadbro

Rolling onwards, someone reports a fleet behind us!

“Hey guys, there’s a big fleet behind us” ”

What ships?”

“Fuck if I know they’re all red and shit”

We do have the best intel.

More scouts tells us it’s a CVA + friends gang. Mostly Abaddons, with 8 Guardians and other assorted ships.

We camp the gate, waiting and hoping. Their scout jumps in and explodes in his interceptor, which means their gang won’t be far behind. We’ve lost eyes on them though, so we ball up and re-approach the gate when the other side is suddenly reported as hostile and LOCAL SPIKE.

We align towards the Sun as the CVA gang decloaks.

Our FC is primaried in his Tengu, as are the two other Tengus we had. Sadface. Fortunately, some guys step up to the target calling plate and the battle is ON.

We hit the CVA guardians first, our missile barrages tearing through them, killing 5 and forcing the rest off field or back through the gate. They have a lot of BS, but without logi we should score some good kills.


The battle rages back and forth with ships falling on both sides – most of our kills being shinies, but more CVA guardians have jumped in. I rewarp to our interceptors a couple of times to break target locks, but as we fight on it’s clear we’re losing but we’re giving them a damn good fight for it.

I'll start overheating when they let me shift-click to do it...

Finally, my own Drake explodes in a horrible fire, and I run away with my pod to join the rest!


The battle is over, but some random bombers bomb the CVA gang for us, killing off a few pods. Thanks gents! The battle report is all kinds of broken, but here it is anyway. Good fight CVA and co. I’m too tired for a second roam, so It’s off to bed for me.

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  1. Broken battle report link is broken 😉

  2. seems I left about 10 minutes before the fight began….damn. but still, we had an awesome drake blob!

  3. My tengu didnt die, and also I was a pro scout, getting that baddon/mega. PWNAGE from 110km lazer pointer of doom.

  4. If your tengu didn’t die then you weren’t doing ganked night correctly!
    Was a good night to bad everyone ran off home after that fight!

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