Ganked 12 – Rifters – Ganked vs Agony

It’s time for Ganked 12! Rifters are a go! Well, Rifter hulls. This means Wolfs, Jaguars and Frekis (lol) are a go as well!

We’re forming up in Stacmon – we plan to hit Syndicate tonight, but there’s an Agony Unleashed frigate class also departing from here. We’re planning to engage them and see what happens.

I have decided upon a VagaWolf as my ship of choice, with a Rifter as a backup ship for when I die. Tonights naming scheme for the fleet is, oddly enough, “tgl3’s rifter”

The irony is my own ship is actually called "HMS TurretStorm"

The fleet, as usual, is forming up over an hour before the Ganked roam actually starts, resulting in general asshat-ness on comms. Which is fine.

Rifters, with a side order of Rifters.

The Agony fleet had already set out but returned after about an hour roaming. Hopefully they’ll head out again as we do.

Eventually 2100 rolls round and we’re off to the nearby lowsec!

A trio of Battleships are waiting for us in a lowsec system off gate, and as we burn to them they, shockingly, engage smartbombs. We’re wise to that though, and hold at range. However, they’ve all fit full warp core stabilsiers and all warp off, without a kill to either side.

Jumping into the Nullsec system of MHC-R3 reveals the Agony gang in system, but also a random Tempest off gate. Our lone interceptor burns for him and the rest of us warp up. Boom. Didn’t kill a soul.

We’re waiting on stragglers before we run at Agony, who have told us they’re at the Sun. Whilst we’re all fielding Rifter hulls and are planning to order targets alphabetically, Mangala informs us that Agony like to call targets separately for each squad. We seem to have numbers, but Agony are also fielding frigates with ewar and drones.

Mangala warps us to the sun, where I manage to fraps the fight.

We win! Battle Report –

Wrecks everywhere!

We give them a “gf” and head back to low to repair, rearm and reship.

Eventually we get underway again, when the Agony Class reports a couple of carriers about!

We wait nearby while the Agony group try to bait the Carriers into attacking, but an hour (!) of waiting gives us nothing so we continue on.

At this point, I’m feeling quite ill, so I have no choice but to log out for the night and try to sleep. Apparently, not a lot happened afterwards (the Ganked gang leeroy’d into a Razer gang and died, it seems)

Next Saturday is Missile night! Drakedrakedrakedrakes. Show up!

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  1. Great fight! I think some of your guys are showing up on our side of the battle report though, we had 78 in fleet when the fight started (including roughly 5 scouts who wouldn’t have been on the field). Some people died twice of course!

    We’ll have to do this again some time!

  2. “The irony is my own ship is actually called “HMS TurretStorm””


    Also, you were still there when I started singing Winter Wrap-Up on comms, right?

    You should also mention that when we Leeroyed into the Razor gang we still killed a Lachesis \o/ and a couple ceptors or something. And I whored on our own podmails with ungrouped guns.

  3. So I’ve read about a few of these now, and they sound like a lot of fun. I have a newish character ( about 5 months old) and would love to come out for one of these. How does one get involved, where you leave form, etc?

  4. I was there! and it was awesome 😀 Totally coming on the next one.

  5. Oh would you believe that, I tried calling targets in that fight. Although calling Azual felt goooooood.

  6. Really do enjoy reading these and watching the videos. I’m sure we’ll hear someone go on about how undisciplined comms are or whatever, but those people are basically missing the point.

    I take it most people fit sensor boosters so they can target more quickly, right?

  7. Grape jobs guys. Being in a larger gang, with more T2 ships, with more pilots who PvP daily you managed to win against a smaller gang mostly in T1 ships with most pilots who were doing their first PvP roam.

    Grape job!

  8. Dear Ak, we aren’t so much as crowing as just writing up our night. The class guys brought it, didn’t afraid of anything, and from what I have heard along the way, enjoyed that fight immensely – obviously it didn’t top the earlier tumbles you had had (Of which I am very jelly).

    Ganked folks really enjoyed it as well, a fun fight, with no endless supply of logi’s and gf’s in local – if the various videos suggest we may have been into it a touch too far, then I blame booze… To be truthful, I had – being an Agony alumnus – expected it to go much worse for my group than it did and you know how I fail after all.

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