Hunting a familiar Tengu pilot

It’s been a rather slow week in the wormhole. Real life is impeding a lot of our ability to get things done right now, but we try!

An inbound Nullsec and Lowsec to our home both offer little of interest. The Null comes out in Delve space, in a system in the middle of takeover between 2 Alliances. A small battle is underway as I jump in to scout, but the 3 Nyx Supercarriers on scan deter me from trying a quick salvage run into the fight, which I seem to have stumbled upon as it was ending.

Even the few wrecks are being salvaged already


Our C4 static is empty of pilots, as is it’s own C2 static. A static High, inbound High and inbound C1 means it might not remain so, however.

A chart!

A couple of hours of nothing is soon forgotten as I jump into C2a on another scout run to find a Heron on scan, with Core Scanner probes out somewhere.

A quick check places it outside the POS that sits in system, meaning it’s sat decloaked at a celestial or scan signature. A check of both Highsecs and the C1 inbound reveal nothing, but further directional-scanning puts it at a planet!

Warping to the planet reveals the Heron sat 100km away, stationary. A check on the pilot reveals a corp I very much recognise.

Now, the reason I recognise this corp is because some good friends of mine are actually at war with them, with Patrick Kasper somewhat solo’ing half their corp. I let Patrick and his corpmate, Leper, know in Spooning that I’ve stumbled onto one of their War Targets in a Wormhole, and am politely informed that he is their CEO and to “KEEL HIM”

Mick is already en route in a Stealth Bomber for the insta-point on the Heron, but the Heron is gone by the time I rewarp near him.

His probes and ship are both gone, but his previous position at the planet indicates he came from the static Highsec Wormhole, so I move to watch it – hopefully he’ll come back!

I only need to wait for a few minutes, because the Wormhole flares as the Heron pilot returns.

In a Tengu.

He warps straight off, and Mick puts him at an Anomaly. We get some Alliance pilots in combat ships to hold in the C4 next door as myself and Mick maneuver for tackle.

We establish a tactical 200km off the Anom and watch the Tengu hit the second Anomaly spawn. At this point, I notice he’s looting the Sleeper wrecks and is flying to another one. I notify Mick of this, and we warp to the wreck he’s about to reach and engage.

Mick establishes initial point instantly as my Tengu suffers from a reconfiguration delay. I finally establish a lock, point and web and open fire as our other 3 ships are called in. The Tengu engages Mick hoping to drive him off whilst the Sleepers decide my Tengu makes a nice target. Our remaining 3 ships land and establish extra tackle, allowing Mick to warp out in armour.

At this point, I am 94.3% sure we have him trapped

The Tengu, previously tanking myself and Mick, now falls rapidly. As he enters armour, my own Tengu enters 10% shields and I warp out, unhindered by my allies bubble.

The Tengu explodes as I warp back, and the pod is bubbled. A ransom is offered but not taken, so we send him back to highsec.

Hopefully Patrick will kill him in something else before long!

P.S. As usual, Ganked is Saturday night. It’s Rifter Hulls. No excuse not to come! Details here!

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  1. I’d actually do this ganked night except we have a noobship roam night.

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