Accessing Singularity

What is Singularity? Singularity is the name of the EVE Online testing server (or one of them, the other being Duality). Commonly referred to as “Sisi”, a lost of future update changes hit this server before they’re deployed onto the live server. Examples include the Crucible expansion and, currently, changes such as a buff to Assault Frigates.

There was a time when getting onto this server was a massive hassle. Fortunately, CCP has made it a lot easier.

If you want to access the Sisi test server, simply go to this link and follow the instructions (download link is also included)

The instructions there are easy to follow, and it shouldn’t be long before you’re on the server!

“But TG, I’m on the server. What now?”

Most of the “action” on Sisi takes place within the test system of 6-CZ49. There’s an easy way to get here quickly – most of the time CCP runs a bot to move people that join the “moveme” in-game channel. So do that.

The single station in 6-C is seeded with nearly all T1 and T2 items and ships for 100 ISK each, and also comes with a medbay. Set your clone!

The rules on Sisi are basic – anywhere in 6-C excluding the station and gate is a free for all. CCP has designated some combat areas (beacons) but expect people to be testing ships at a planet too. Podding is allowed. Other rules can be found here.

“But TG, I haven’t got all my skills!”

Every now and then (be it after 3 months or 2 days), CCP mirror (copy) your characters and skills from Tranquility to Singularity – this is normally done after a major update to the test server. As such, your character and assets on Sisi may be up to 2 months out of date.

“Will my losses on Sisi affect TQ?”


“I’ve heard things about free skillpoints!”

Every so often, CCP runs a “mass-test” on Singularity (occasionally on Duality) – participating earns your character 2,000,000 unassigned skillpoints on the test server. These are carried over each mirror (up to 6,000,000) provided you’ve participated in a mass-test before the mirror.

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