In which we die horribly

It’s been a long boring day. I managed to land on and get decloaked by a buzzard in a c5, which I blew up in retaliation, pod and all.

Nothing further happens, and people are logging on for the first time since the Christmas/New Year holidays. We roll the static to get a new C4 and start scanning.

The new C4 is as empty as an empty thing, so myself, Mick and Josh all scan the C4a’s own C4 static and jump in.

There’s a fair bit on scan. A Noctis and wrecks indicate something to ambush, but a Tengu and Abaddon also light up D-scan. An Arazu is glimpsed for a brief second too. Hmm.

A core probe is up. These guys are scanning for inbounds, and this is proved minutes later as a Tengu lands behind us and jumps to C4a.

I have the tower bookmarked from a previous visit, and warping there reveals the Abaddon and Tengu. Time to try hitting the Noctis.

As we notify those online, a Pilgrim appears in the POS, swapping for a Bestower which warps to the wormhole and anchors a bubble. We watch and wait. The bubble never onlines. Huh.

Wrath and Josh assemble their alts, whilst Aii and Mick also prepare for shenanigans. Mick probes the Noctis at a site, and we are forced to make our move with his cloaky Proteus and my Tengu, as the hostile cloaky Tengu has run into our assembling PvP fleet.

We decloak and engage the Noctis, only to have an Arazu and Falcon decloak at 40 and 80km respectively. Shit. I’m instantly jammed by the Falcon whilst Mick is damped by the Arazu, preventing him locking it. The stabbed Noctis warps and both hostile recons cloak. Hrm.

Finally we decide to hop on Ventrilo, and then everyone piled into C4b to shoot the unanchored Bubble. I don’t know why. Don’t ask.

We’re all on the WH now, lighting up scan in the hope of a fight. They have a second BS (A Armageddon) now and a Nemesis and Helios have appeared whilst the Bestower is in a Purifier. We don’t know what else they have, but they have our fleet composition so hopefully a fight is imminent.

We wait a while, when a Purifier appears and is killed. (Not sure how that happened, I was cloaked elsewhere)

Finally, one of the hostile Battleships lands on our WH bubble. A Chimera appears on scan. It’s on.

We don’t have logi, hoping that their current numbers accurately reflect their own forces. The Chimera lands in the Bubble as I land with the fleet. Realising my Scangu does not an effective PvP boat make, I run for my Falcon as Mick runs for a Scimitar.

The Chim enters Triage, which means we’re pretty much boned. More ships land but there’s not a lot of target calling going on for us. The Chim is easily repping our damage, and we lose a Scorp, Astarte and Cane in rapid succession.

We fall back through the wormhole to regroup and are followed. I finally enter the engagement, calling our retreat to end and to engage at the WH, believing the lack of Chimera to work to our advantage. Our Onyx is tackled and killed before reinforcements arrive, and I decloak and start jamming as they do. We attack a Geddon which jumps straight out. A Tengu burns for me, but is jammed – as is their Astarte and a Proteus. Another Proteus is primaried but jumps out too, as does the Tengu who manages to burn back to jump range. Our Typhoon falls, as does a Geddon. Hostile ships are playing jumprope through the wormhole and there is a SHITTONNE more than originally. They’re breeding like rabbits! An Astarte turns into a Vigilant which turns into an Absolution and oh my, I’m being primaried.

I’m already in 50% armour because of  a cock-up in C4b, so I take my jams off a Proteus which weren’t landing and jam everything on field. Not even kidding.

However, drones are already on me and the constant cycling of ships through the wormhole breaks my locks and jams, and it’s clear we’re losing badly. I finally explode as my jams fail.

We can’t win, since we can’t chase through the WH with that Carrier there. We haven’t killed a damn thing. We need to retreat. However, my fleet are also being scrammed. I reship to a Myrm and warp back to the fight – calling primaries based on who is scramming whom. I land, designate more targets and see our second Falcon go down. Only one Tengu is pointed, so we warp the rest out. Aii’s Tengu is hit hard, but she jumps out and warps away and back on the far side, jumping through and escaping back to our C5.

We’re away, but with significant losses. They seem to have no intention of following us to our own WH, so I offer them a “gf” in local (and they return it) and we head home.

Fortunately, the lack of a hostile HIC meant we lost no pods, but morale seems pretty low. We just lost 1.2bil ISK for no kills (except a Purifier).

Battle Report for C4b

Battle Report for C4a

Seems like we need some more fleet practice. It’s a rare thing for us, and it showed. Maybe some sparring on Sisi can help. I seem to have the most PvP experience (and indeed, seemed to be calling targets) so I suppose I better try organising it before I leave EVE.

At least I have a new ship to buy after this Saturday’s Ganked night!

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  1. Sometimes you win, sometimes you loose 😛

  2. love this BR thanks for the fight to kick off my birthday

  3. Who the fuck let tgl FC? 😛

  4. Two words of advice for you guys: Fleet composition! The difference was we had a half decent fleet comp and you seemed like you had just whatever you fancied.

    If you check the kill boards again it may seem like we had a SHITTONE but actually both sides had 9 characters present by my count. It may have seemed more tho because we scattered you pretty quick and you came back in in dribs and drabs.

    Good fight tho 🙂

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