Christmas and leaving EVE

It’s Christmas EVE Eve here, with all the usual festive stuff that brings.

So I wish you all a happy holidays and a Merry Christmas if you celebrate it. Hopefully you enjoy the day and I hope you’ll also attend our latest Ganked Night which is on the 26th of December.

But in out of game news, my time in EVE will be drawing to a close over the next month. I’m moving out of my parents’ house to, you know, start a life and all that. As a result, I’m losing internet for an unknown period of time and that means it’s time to let my account run out.

tgl3 is due to expire on Jan 21st, with my alt already gone. I’m actually moving out on Feb 6th.

Hopefully I get lucky with a job, get a half-decent flat (apartment) and can get back online but it’s looking unlikely that this will be within the first few months. Once I get a stable income (or some income) I’ll hopefully be back.

I’ll be updating as usual up until my account runs out, so this is just a heads up if I suddenly go dark either here, on twitter or in-game.

Enjoy the weekend!

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  1. Can I have your stuff? 😛

  2. Just try to put 500M isk or so into your wallet before your account lapses. When you get settled into your new place, where (when)ever that may be, you can always use the account management page to reactivate your account for four hours to buy a plex to get your account restarted. (or buy a plex now so its already in your hangar) Merry Christmas and good luck on your new life adventures!

  3. Merry xmas. Hope to see you back soon!

  4. Good luck mate, it’s a big change (I know myself). But one thing you can be certain of is you’re gonna be back in EVE sooner than later. See you then o/

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