Bloodying the HMS CloakStorm

I have a new Tengu. I’m quite fond of her.

It should really be cloaked.

Growing weary of my Helios being unable to help when a fellow alliance member engages something, I decided that I needed a cloaky scouting Tech 3 ship. So I bought and fitted the HMS Cloakstorm after the recent Ganked night, and flew it into the wormhole Sunday.

It’s performed well in simple scouting, but has yet to see any actual combat. This thing won’t be able to go toe to toe with most combat oriented ships, but should be able to hit mining ships, haulers and other scouts well enough, which works for me. I have other ships for raw PvP action, anyway.

Logging on Monday evening gives me a Lowsec exit and an empty C4 static. Mick is in there scanning already so I jump in to help clear up the many scan signatures.

However, Mick informs me we might have a Legion to hunt. An alliance member in another wormhole, Fin, has scouted one running Anomalies in a C3, and the C3 has a highsec exit that myself and Mick can use to reinforce. Fin can’t take it out alone, and we have an opportunity to help out.

Scanning can wait – grabbing our cloaky T3s, myself and Mick jump into the Lowsec and burn for the Highsec entrance to the C3, a mere 2 jumps from Jita and 4J from Autaris where I still have some ships I can swap to if it’s called for.

The Legion seems to be having tank issues, as he continuously bounces out of the anom every few minutes. We wait for him to land and start shooting sleepers before jumping myself and Mick in. From what we can tell, he’s not spamming d-scan either.

He keeps warping off towards a planet, but never lands there. That’s a shame, would have made our job much easier. As it is, we’ll have to snag him inside the anom. Whilst we have 3 Tech 3 cruisers, all of us are fit for cloaking and probing, whilst the Legion is fit for tank. On top of this, the Sleepers like to swap targets which could hurt us further. We’ll have to be lucky.

Mick is in warp to Fin at the site when, suddenly, our hand is forced. A random neutral bomber has decloaked and started to engage the Legion. We have no choice but to act now or miss our chance.

Fin decloaks and engages, with Mick landing too far out and burning towards them. I land at zero and open fire as well.

The Purifier bomber warps off almost instantly as our ships start on the Legion’s armour.

Cloaky Tengus are not exactly DPS machines, I guess.

The Legion appears to have almost no buffer, but his reps are kicking in. 70% armour turns into 95% pretty quick, and now Fin is under some fire – her shields are buckling as the Sleepers turn their own guns on her Tengu.

However, the Legion is fit to tank sleepers, not 3 strategic cruisers. As Fins shields approach a dangerous level, the Legion explodes, the pod warping away quickly. Fin warps out, and myself and Mick loot the wreck before warping too.

Local flares up as the bomber notes our victory.

[ 2011.12.19 21:47:22 ] polletjepikhaar > hehe,nice 1..i thought u came to help him :
[ 2011.12.19 21:47:24 ] polletjepikhaar > 🙂
[ 2011.12.19 21:47:37 ] polletjepikhaar > cn u link km to me plz
[ 2011.12.19 21:47:37 ] Toilet Drinker > good fight
[ 2011.12.19 21:47:51 ] Mick Straih > we were stalking him for a bit >_>
[ 2011.12.19 21:48:03 ] Toilet Drinker > who was purifier?
[ 2011.12.19 21:48:09 ] polletjepikhaar > to..been hanging here for over 45 mins
[ 2011.12.19 21:48:12 ] Mick Straih > no clue!
[ 2011.12.19 21:48:17 ] polletjepikhaar > i am puri

It appears we were not the only party stalking the Legion for some length of time. It appears the poor pilot was rather hapless with his directional scan checking.

We say goodbye to Fin, and return home.

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  1. too bad you didn’t snag the bomber too.

  2. system scans showed probes of purifier, and never a trace of the 2/3 t3’s hunting my legion. Cargo was essentially empty because i jettisoned 40-45 million and blew it up myself. I ejected from legion at last minute and easily warped to wormhole entrance while u destroyed the last 10% of the legion’s hull. Killmail says 97% of damage to me was from sleeper bs. All you did was interrupt me killing a purifier. Excellent fight though.

  3. That polletjepikhar sounded very, very familiar… and I found him on my killboard:

    Victim: polletjepikhaar
    Corp: Ministry of Destruction
    Alliance: SCUM.
    Faction: Unknown
    Destroyed: Drake
    System: Agoze
    Security: 0,2
    Damage Taken: 119581

    Involved parties:


    Name: Lukas Rox (laid the final blow)
    Security: 5,00
    Corp: Monastery of Eternal Life
    Alliance: None
    Faction: None
    Ship: Megathron
    Weapon: Neutron Blaster Cannon II
    Damage Done: 5315


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