Flight of a Thousand Rifters and RvB Ganked 9

Saturday evening saw the usual Ganked event, along with a player run event called “Flight of a Thousand Rifters”

Flight of a Thousand Rifters

FoaTR essentially involved shooting a Moros in lowsec, and winning prizes for a number of criteria, which can be found on the forum post linked above.

I arrived in the designated lowsec system in a Blaster fit Catalyst a good hour before the event was due to start. During this time, I made a few tacticals on the station and made some tea, and then shot a few flashy destroyers with the help of a Red Federation pilot. None of them shot back. 😦

Local began rising within the half hour leading to the event, with the Moros pilot and event organiser, Marlona Sky, already docked and ready.

Finally, after an hour of waiting, Marlona undocked.


The Moros entered seige and we opened fire. A number of flashies warp in and get shot by pretty much everyone, but most manage to get onto the Moros mail, it seems!

Gotta love blasters

Local is rising higher by the minute, EVE-Radio’s coverage of the event probably helping.

Marlona is starting to tank hard, and is shrugging off nearly all the DPS being thrown at her. Turns out, she’s overloaded her reps.

But then forgot to turn off the overheat.

Wham. The reps break, and the tank plummets like a stone. It’s a  mere few minutes before she’s in structure.

dat Damage Control

Finally, the Moros EXPLODES everywhere, and Marlona’s flashy pod is spewed into space.

Of course, I miss it. Silly blaster range and all that!

Moments later, a Rooks and Kings sniping Tier 3 BC fleet shows up at range. OH GOD.

[ 2011.12.17 19:20:57 ] (combat) >Shiptype: Oracle
Pilotname: Agent Xer0
Shipname:  10 Miles High

Alliance:   [HARK]

barely scratches you, causing 1167.0 damage.



[ 2011.12.17 19:21:00 ] (notify) Your docking request has been accepted. Your ship will be towed into station.


I thank Marlona in r-v-b, and move over to Rens for Ganked Night.

RvB Ganked 9 – Firetails

Mangala is too rich. He’s been giving out Firetail hulls to everyone for this event. How does he do that.

The fleet started forming up even earlier than usual, sitting at almost 20 people by the time I’m in Rens, an hour before the event. Mumble is already full of idiots JOVIAL PEOPLE when I log on and it’s not long before there’s a tonne of Firetails outside.

Moar firetails!

Finally, with the fleet at 87, we began to head out.

A quick stop in lowsec, and we’re in Great Wildlands. A local camp runs away at the site of 70 firetails, so off we go into nulsec, once again completely clueless.

We find precisely nothing, which is a shame, so we head back towards the entrance and manage to snag a poor Stilletto, followed by an Oracle, followed by a Wolf.

Some more roaming follows, and we get word of a small Brick Squad gang just ahead of us. We swarm the gate and they jump in.


The Falcon melts, as does a Cane but the rest burn to gate and jump away.

We continue onwards, engine trails swinging, when a tempest lands off our gate at 50km.

“Orbit at range”, someone calls. “Smartbombs hurt”.

71 Firetails burn the distance and establish points, and the Tempest lights up the sky with smartbombs. Fortunately, of our 71 man swarm, noone is within 5km.

The Tempest explodes without a kill. Onwards we go.

Our scout has tackled an Abaddon ahead off a gate, so once again we burn in. He’s too close to the gate for smartbombs though, and also dies.

Round and round we roam, till we land in a system with another fleet in it. NC. have a large gang here – directional is lit up with BCs and more. An Avatar is on scan as well.

We warp to a gate off of d-scan from the NC. gang and hold.

Directional lights up. Mangala asks the fleet.

“Shall we die?”

The answer is a yes.

The NC. gang lands and we open fire, the first sabre jumping out and a Scimitar melting before they can establish their logistics chain.

A Claymore is primaried next, but it’s an uphill struggle.


It’s slow, but the Claymore is dying to the Firetails! Fleet members are also dying left and right – Firetails are not the tankiest of frigates.

Finally, the Claymore explodes.

And then the rest of us burned. GF.

Battle Report


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  1. Thanks for the nice fleet.
    Moar firetails: http://youtu.be/fsDsulQ32us?hd=1

  2. Yay. e-Fame!

    Brilliant write up dude. Here’s hoping BS’s next week is hotdropped 🙂

  3. Had good fun. Wil scout again 😉

  4. Dracoth Simertet

    I am not Jovian….. oh jovial, I’m not that either ;o)

    Great night as ever, and finally a firetail given to me by Mang is dead, only another 10 to go \o/

    Can’t wait for boxing day and we do it again!


  5. AkJon Ferguson

    Dude, your NoaTRifters write-up was sorely lacking. You failed utterly to relay your eyewitness testimony of the first 4 kills of the event and the sense of awe and wonder you experienced as you saw them occurring.

    Your NoaTRetards write-up was okay. Here’re my thoughts on the event:

    Mang is an awesome guy. People enjoy his events. If I don’t like them I’m free to not attend. That being said:

    1. Way too much time waiting for stragglers or just sitting around. Keep moving! At least until we get a decent fight or 5 or 6 ganks. 90 guys should not be kept waiting for 1 or 2 disorganized guys.
    2. Voice comms has gone from ‘controlled chaos’ (Mang’s term for how he intends comms to run) to ‘complete and utter shit that makes my ears bleed’ (the ‘did someone say jump?’ meme stopped being funny somewhere short of the 100th time being uttered mark for me)
    3. We killed nothing that an equally large gang of rifters wouldn’t have killed (with the possible exception of the final Claymore kill.)
    4. We kept fleeing stealth bombers instead of killing stealth bombers (was I the only one arty fit?)
    5. If we want to die horribly, there are vastly better options than sitting still until a gigantic counter-gang designed to slaughter us with minimal losses is mobilized. We could have:
    a) gone and fought an Agony gang that wouldn’t have been specifically WTFPWNZOR
    b) gone and camped a hi-traffic gate to hi-sec (in EC- or PF- for instance) so that people wanting to get their pods out after dying horribly could do so easily
    c) waited for the gigantic enemy death blob while staying aligned, killed the first ones that landed and warped out, repeated a few times and then died gloriously
    d) warped gate to gate to gate to see how many systems we could cover and to try to catch someone off-guard, every time we land in a bubble, kill the bubble
    e) gone back to hi-sec and self-destructed

    Or I could have just drunk a lot more wine and maybe I’d have enjoyed it more.

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