A lone Orca and a stationary Navy Scorpion

(“Firetail” Ganked night report and the “Flight of a Thousand Rifters” Moros event report will come soon, but here’s the Ganked video to keep you going) 

Saturday mornings in a Wormhole have been something of a rarity for myself of late, due to normally leaving on the Friday to set up for whatever Ganked night occurs on the Saturday evening. However, this Saturday has me logging on in my familiar Helios and a new Wormhole constellation to explore.

A new static is found before long, along with two Nullsec wormholes and a Low that persists from yesterday. Eesh. Before scouting the static, I notice a friendly face has logged on. Mick is already in his cloaky scouty Proteus and jumps with me into the C4.

There’s a tower, but no ships are at it. It also appears to belong to a blue’d corp, so no fun to be had here. Fortunately however, Mick has found the C3 static as well as an inbound C2. I jump into the C2 while Mick finishes the sigs and heads to scout the C3.

C2a has ships. Ships are good. A Tengu, Buzzard and Harbinger light up my d-scan, as well as a lone POS. I best find it.

Using purely D-scan, I place a POS at a moon but the Harb isn’t on scan there. I notify Mick, who has just jumped into C3a and proceed to warp to the moon. Landing off the POS shows a piloted Tengu, Buzzard and a new pilot has just arrived in an Orca. The corp flies under the “Shadow of xXDEATHXx” alliance and obviously we’re a tad unnerved. Mick jumps in and starts looking for the Harb, finding it empty at the Star. We can only assume this is bait at the current time.

I only sit waiting at the POS for a mere few minutes when the Orca starts moving and warps.

Towards the C4. Seemingly alone.

Mick follows, as do I. Mick’s Proteus can easily tackle an Orca, but the Tengu is more than likely on hand to help the Orca, so I’m moving to grab my Falcon. The Orca is not on the wormhole when we land, but as I jump the wormhole  flares as the Orca jumps back and Mick engages, the Orca now Polarised for 5 minutes. I rush for my Falcon, jump in and start warping back. Mick is reporting that the Buzzard has swapped to a Tengu but neither Tengu has arrived on field yet. The Orca pilot has started trying to negotiate a ransom too, but his 50m offer is too low for our bloodthirsty guns. I jump back in and jam the Orca to get on the mail and Mick finishes it off. We miss the pod and I warp back to my POS observation to see the 2 Tengus just sat there as the pod lands back. GOOD PROTECTION OF YOUR BUDDY THERE GUYS.

The Orca fit was… odd, and these guys evidently must be fairly new to wormholes. Why else would they let an Orca go into a WH solo?

The fact that the Tengus didn’t warp out to help their Orca indicates that they probably won’t warp out to kill me if I steal the empty Harb. So I leave it alone yoink it.

Good fit.

The lack of probes in the cargo indicate the pilot may have ran out, ejected and self destructed his pod. Fair enough. More for me, even if the fit needs a substantial re-tweak. The pilot seems to have had the basics down, as Mick notes, so I’m tempted to send the guy an EVEmail at a later date with some fitting advice and make a note to do so.

By the time I return in my Helios (I need to get a cloaky T3, amiright?) Mick has scanned a second C3 from C2a and has noted a Navy Scorpion on scan there. Even better – it’s not at a POS.

Mick starts locating as I prepare a new ship, undecided on what to bring. A Navy Scorp can field a hell of a buffer tank, especially if it’s fighting sleepers. Mick’s Proteus can’t break a well fitted one alone, so my Falcon is not an option. Neither is the Curse, since the Scorp should be buffer tanked. This leaves the Myrm and the Apoc. While I’m smacking my face off my monitor deciding, Mick has scanned the Scorp down to a Radar site, where it sits stationary. Possible bait is possible, but we’re feeling lucky. Mick bookmarks near it, and returns to grab his Typhoon whilst I settle on my Apocalypse battleship.

By the time we’re ready, it’s been a good 10 minutes. Any decent wormhole pilot will not stay stationary for 10 minutes unless it’s in a POS shield or they’re really really bait. Mick jumps in first, noting a Drake is now on scan with the Scorp. Fortunately, this means the Scorp is probably still there.

I jump in and we both warp.

Mick lands smack bang on the Navy Scorp and I land at my 20km optimal, with the Drake 90km away hacking the site. We happily engage the Scorp as the Drake warps off.

A few minutes of firepower indicates the Navy Scorp is actually active tanked, but Micks’ neuts will sort that soon enough. He’s certaintly not AFK, as Micks’ own shields quickly melt and the fight becomes a race against time – Mick’s buffer against the Scorp’s cap.

Fortunately, it breaks long before Mick.

The Scorpion explodes and we miss the pod. Time to leave!

We return to our home where Mick goes afk and I grab my scanboat again. It’s time to find a highsec exit.

There’s a Moros to shoot and Firetails to fly with.

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  1. Brilliant write up dude. Sounds like really good fun in there.

    1 thing, you have blues? I thought holes where like the wild west of old, men with funny walks, women with heaving bosoms and no blues…

    • We have Blues, though they’re a rare sight. I’m not sure on the specifics of the arrangement, to be honest. I think this is only the second time I’ve seen a Blue POS in the 2 months I’ve been here.

  2. Yay kills! And shiny ones too

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