Destroyer Ganked night – some singing Sniggwaffe and taking on the CCP fleet

tl;dr funny stuff occured.

Saturday night saw the latest RvB Ganked roam, this time in Destroyers.

The meet up for this roam was in Rens, and the fleet started forming up a good hour before the depart time. Before long, a conga line formed and an Orphanage member tried Smartbombing it and died as a result, scoring about 3 kills /o\


Finally, we set out with a 110 strong fleet of Destroyers, primarily Thrashers (arty thrashers ftw) and started our roam in the Great Wildlands region.

Not a lot occurred for a few jumps, save a couple of Bombers dying to our guns in an attempt to bomb. This seems to be a staple of Ganked Nights.

<insert Ride of the Valkyries here>

However, a couple of stragglers soon reported a SniggWaffe fleet behind us in a small-ish (20) gang with snipe Tier3 BCs. Aaaaallllrighty then. Some fleet dancing round achieves…. not a lot, so we put out an offer to Sniggwaffe;

“Sing on our comms, and we’ll leeroy at you.”

So one of their fleet members (PuppyUK) came on comms and sang “Little Bees”. (Fraps footage will hopefully arrive shortly)

At this point, we poured out gratitude into local and so on, then use a cloaky fleet member to warp on top of their gang.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

At this point, their fleet member on our comms began calling hilarious targets and other nonsense commands “GUYS SELF DESTRUCT” to much laughter and thanks from our own fleet. Cheers Sniggs.

Battle Report.

Oh and we ran into a few more a couple of jumps away.

Dessy swarm.

We began making our way to a nearby lowsec system for a 10 minute break when word broke of a new CCP fleet heading out. We had our next target. Cue a mad burn for Syndicate space.

After a good while (15j) we grouped in Orvolle and piled into nulsec once again. After some dicking about with bubbles, we finally caught word of a CCP fleet 2j away. We moved towards them and met them halfway in FD-MLJ. They appeared to be Gallante heavy and… snipe fit. Oh man.

Our cloaky got a warp in and in we went.


Our damage could not break the CCP ships (apparently they had uber dev implants to boot) so we attacked neutrals as well.

Fire *all* the guns!

Then the bombs hit.

Wave after wave of bombers from a neutral alliance decloaked and wiped apart our Destroyers easily. Bugger. Then CCP shot me. BUGGER.

I rushed back for another run with a new Brutix, but PL, NC. and TEST had already rolf-stomped CCP and were clearing up. I rejoined some fleetmates on a gate, then the NC. Abaddon fleet landed and…

…my client crashed.

I logged into my pod, in a bubble, in half structure.

Oh well.

A fantastic roam, and the SniggWaffe guys have +10 internets from me for the hilarious play.

Killboard of… kills.

This video caught the second half of the Sniggwaffe singing, including PuppyUK singing “trolololo” on comms (but sadly, not “Little Bees”) and then the CCP suicide run.

Next week is a Firetail night, with Mangala offering a free Firetail to anyone who has been on (and can prove it with killmails) a previous two Ganked nights.

Show up 😉

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  1. Had a lot of fun with that.
    Actually got a pod with a bomb 🙂
    You’re right….he had about 600mil in implants.

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