CCP fleet hits, suddenly betrayal!

So the CCP convoy hit tonight, striking out for the Great Wildlands. Offering loots to anyone who protected them, we formed a 100 man public fleet to set out.

Well, I say “set out”. I mean “40 of us gathered up while the other 60 went in alone and died or whined about it being too far”

I was sat in a  dual tanked Salvaging Vexor and we finally started moving.

However, about 30 of our fleet had reached CCP at a planet in a system in the Great Wildlands region to defend them.



CCP turned on the rag-tag defence force and slaughtered them. Oops.

So in comes PL with a sniping Rokh fleet, since the system of the fight was Cyno-Jammed by an incursion, preventing deployment of Supercaps. Engaging CCP at many kilometres past the dev’s guns, CCP were shooting anything that landed close.

Finally, our (now somewhat small) fleet hits the system and engages another neutral fleet on the gate. I take my time salvaging and looting before the FC panicwarps us to planet 3, where the CCP/PL fleets reside. We land on the CCP fleet, and all die pretty much instantly.

I looted a wreck and got primaried. OW.

No shinies for me 😦

It doesn’t help that there was no fleet control and the FC never called targets/confirmed actions. Bad FCs are bad.

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