Flying a Daredevil against Sleepers

The wormhole has been real quiet since I came back from RvB. A departure of 2 members of our WH group for various reasons reduces our Tower number by 2, meaning it’s a little bit quieter during my EU timezone.

However, the US crowd are up and awake and it’s time for us to shoot something. In this case, we shoot those pesky Interbus Customs Offices, allowing us to establish our own. My lovely Apocalypse class Battleship does some nice damage, but is outclassed by the Dreadnoughts my alliance rolls in. Sigh.

This is completed without incident, and it’s time to run some Sleeper sites. However, we won’t just be running them – we’ll be “cap escalating” them.

For those unaware, sleeper sites spawn extra sleeper ships (6-8 Battleships in our sites) for each Capital ship that’s warped in. This means increased risk but more loot/salvage for us!

I’ve never actually ran a Capital Escalation before, always being asleep or away on an RvB Ganked Night during the weekend evenings. I’m completely unsure as to what to fly, and get asked how my frigate skills are.

I reply that I have all the frigs to V, and t2 hybrids/autocannons for frigate hulls.

So apparently, I’m flying the Daredevil. It seems one of our Capitals we’re bringing in is a Revelation class Dreadnought. These are not good at hitting things, so we need a webber. The Daredevil gets a web bonus. Simple.

We have 2 Basilisks, a Tengu, Maelstrom and Nightmare along with a Chimera, Revelation and Thanotos and then my own Tengu/Daredevil, since Sleeper frigates at the start make it nigh impossible to fly the fragile pirate frigate off the bat.

We the subcaps in and clear the field with relative ease, leaving one cruiser alive. We warp the Chimera in, and the new Sleeper battleships pummel our shields whilst a few neut my Daredevil, prompting a constant cap-chain from a Basilisk to my fragile hull. If my Afterburner drops, I’m dead. Speed tanking ❤

Finally, the first wave is cleared and the Revelation is brought in. I’ve never flown with a Dreadnought and Carrier before tonight, and the Rev’s lasers are a beautiful sight, especially when they smack the Sleeper I’m webbing. Teehee.

The second wave is cleared and the Thanatos makes its entrance. The next wave also falls after a short time and we prepare the last waves, which involve frigates. This means I’m back into my Tengu!


I don't need no stinking UI.

We blaze the remaining ships and clear up. 80 mil a piece for the site. Not bad.

No PeeVeePee tonight, but perhaps today? We have a Russian inbound from Nulsec, who knows what might happen?

(Spoiler: not a lot, they all dock up when I enter system. Boo.)

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