Contest winners!

It’s been three days since I announced the contest and a whole bunch of people entered through both EVE Mail and the blog comments.

So without further delay, time to announce the winners!

FIRST PLACE – 120 million ISK

First place goes to Scyleth of Red Federation for submitting a video which I had not previously seen, but still blew me away in terms of its quality.

Whilst perhaps not as mind blowing as some other videos, this one wins because of the fact it is done in the Unreal Engine, rather than in-game. An astounding feat.

For submitting this video, Scyleth wins the 120mil First Prize.

SECOND PLACE – Navy Augorororor

Dracoth Simertet wins Second Place with this piece of art by Rixx Javix. Rixx always does amazing work, but this particular piece is amazingly well done. For submitting it, Dracoth wins a Navy Augororororororororor.

Thanks to everyone who entered! o7

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