Jumping back to RvB for the week

Going against everything common sense has taught me, I’ve dropped corp roles and have been setting up some ships for RvB for the next week. The main reason is to trial the dessy buff and to hone my frigate skills a tad, in preparation for taking some Interceptors into the Wormhole next week.

Hopefully I won’t regret it. /o\

Posted on December 1, 2011, in Corporations, RvB. Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. Dracoth Simertet

    Nice to have you back if only for a bit. o7

    Don’t FC and you might even enjoy yourself ;o)

  2. It’s a shame there isn’t a timestamp on this post so I can ask more specifically

    “It’s been xxhyymin, regret it yet?”

    Artythrashers all the way man.

  3. I’m planning on bringing in alot of toys as well next hi-sec we get! Hopefully the holiday season is nice to us with big fat juicy targets!

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