100 Posts, a year of blogging and a small competition

Last night I wrote my 100th blog post without actually realising it and in two days Through Newb Eyes will be 1 Year old.  Obligatory stats time. Also competition.

100 posts across one year.

That averages 2.3 posts a week.

261  total comments averages to about 2.6 comments a post!

38,863 Unique views at the time of writing, with the most popular post being my Winter Expansion ‘Crucible’ Features list at a whopping 16,000 views. I put this down to initially linking it on the r/EVE subreddit on Reddit.com.

November 2011 has accounted for 50% of my total views. Getting linked on an EVE Online dev blog helped with that too.

The largest number of referral links came from Reddit.com, followed by people coming from The Altruist, narrowly followed by Twitter with 1,337 referrals.

I am not making that twitter number up.

The most clicked on link? That’d be to my gallery of some of the new V3’d ship hulls here.

So all I can say is thank you to everyone who reads, comments and recommends.

But that’s not all

A year deserves something special, does it not? 100 Posts something else? I’m sure it does.

So I’m running my first EVE competition. It’s not going to be big, I don’t have all the ISK in the world.

I will be awarding 120 Million ISK as a First Prize, and a Navy Augororororororor I have sitting in the Autaris System in Lonetrek (hilarious fit and all) as a runner up for this competition. Trimark rigged, of course.

The competition? It’s simple enough. I want you to link me your favourite piece of EVE fan work with a reason why you feel this is favourable.

That’s blogs, screenshots, songs, videos, concept art and whatever you can think of EVE related.

In 3 days I will pick my favourite one listed and award the prizes. It’s that simple.

To enter you have two options – comment on this post or send me an EVE-Mail at tgl3. I’d use twitter, but it could get swamped by other replies.

Don’t forget your reasons why, and specify your character name so I know who to send the prizes to!

Edit: If two or more people post the same fan work, the one with the best reasoning wins out!

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  1. I will link two things. First off, the reason why I still play EVE after 6 years of playing it:

    This image reminds me I have almost unlimited possibilites that no other game can offer
    Second link is a movie which even though is quite old, shows what EVE is about. EVE Never Fades:

  2. This pure and simple: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ub0YaZoTvfI

    Captures the essence of EVE from small stuff to the big stuff, works really really well. Also totally evocative of the EVE Never Fades trailer too. Certainly the best fan trailer I have seen put together in all my years of following EVE media.

  3. If you haven’t picked Clear Skies, than I don’t get you 🙂


  4. Dracoth Simertet

    Had to go with a bit if Rix Javix fan art myself, this has been my desktop wallpaper since I first spotted it.

    Cynabal Art Series Wallpaper


  5. mine would have to be http://kdorin.blogspot.com/2011/11/darth-skorpiuss-write-my-bio-submission.html
    i tihnk its an amazinf peice of fan fic and it doesnt break any canon. plus it gives my character and his family a name. it also fits in very well with the bacckground i established for my character for the purposes of the contest i ran.

    have fun with yours!

    PS: character for prizes is darth skorpius

  6. Grats on the milestone! Also nice to see I’ve been able to send some traffic your way =)

  7. the Test alliance lasers are magic video, and not just because it has ponies. i’ve convinced more people with this than any other vid (except perhaps clear skies) to come play eve. i rate this slightly higher than clear skies as an “EVE” video however because it relates to less about the universe the game is in and more to who actually play the game and how strange they are. the editing of the video is superb as well and with the proliferation of destroyers now that crucible has hit makes this vid all the more grin inducing, more than anything else however its people having FUN. something its very easy to forget because after all, internet spaceships is serious buisness.

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