Crucible is upon us

Today we see space get a whole lot prettier. Well, hopefully.

The first ship on my “to buy” list once I get out of WH space for some shopping is the Talos, simply because lolblasterspwnage though I lack T2 large hybrids. This should see fast response action in the Wormhole, able to go toe-to-toe  in terms of raw firepower with Battleships in a small gang engagement while holding the maneuverability to GTFO if needed.

The second will be the Oracle for WH POS seiges, thanks to it’s cap stability with BC5 and lower mass than that of, say, an Abaddon. This could also see action in WH skirmishes, it’s lasers able to dish out extreme damage at an amazing variety of ranges.

The third will be the Catalyst. After testing new fits on Sisi, I’ve settled on a low-tank high-dps fit that, when fit with Null, should make short work of any hostile Bombers and Interceptors as well as being able to switch for Antimatter to do impressive damage against larger vessels.

Cloaked ships not decloaking each other is a nice buff, making our Bombing runs against wormholes a lot easier.

The removal of Jump API in Wormholes makes logical sense but still hurts our intel tools somewhat fierce. Before Crucible, it was possible to see how many Jumps people made into and out of a Wormhole, which was critical information in determining WH activity. Now we shall have to make do without, but rest easy in the knowledge that others are in the same position.

Corp Bookmarks are an amazing change but I’m still in the Wormhole Engineers “Testing and Evaluation” corp so I can’t share BMs this way to the main Wormhole Engineers corp, which is a slight annoyance. Alliance BMs next, CCP?

I can’t wait for TQ to go live, and many others feel the same. I just hope CCP take this momentum and carry it through 2012.

Fly dangerous.

P.S. Seismic Stan has done an awesome post over on his blog that showcases some of the model and texture changes in Crucible.

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  1. “Cloaked ships not decloaking each other is a nice buff, making our Bombing runs against wormholes a lot easier.”
    Well it’s a buff for bombing runs, but i have killed a few covopses by decloaking them with my own cloaked t3. So i’m bit torn on it being a good thing.

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