2 Carriers kidnap a Damsel. We rescue her from the evil missioning Chimeras

Saturday night saw the latest RvB Ganked Night, which welped (twice) into a much more organised (and less drunk) Northern Coalition. gang.

But that’s not the best part of the night. Oh no.

The evening began with myself cruising the Lowsec systems near RvB space in my Pilgrim, looking for targets. However, I noticed a message in the “rvb spooning” channel from a friend of mine;

[ 2011.11.26 19:09:31 ] Cameron Zero > Two chimeras sitting on the nalvula gate in otsasai, lol

I decide to give them a miss, and kick about in Nalvula next door, watching a russian pilot get camped into a station and not shut up about it in local.

However, I notice a cyno is now up on the Otsasai gate, so I warp over and have a little look.

There’s a Manticore and Chimera 100km off the gate, the Manti having lit the cyno, along with a message in local:

[ 2011.11.26 19:23:43 ] Kronos Dardanos > is there a way to shut down cyno field faster

I put it down to a nice attempt to “play dumb” and bait someone, but inspection of the pilots reveal an Indy corp with only 13 members and no combat record to speak of. Could it be too good to be true? Surely not? He’s sitting there stationary!

I light up the r-v-b channel to see if we can get a leeroy fleet going.

[ 2011.11.26 19:27:13 ] tgl3 > There’s a lone carrier in Nalvula, 150km off a gate…
[ 2011.11.26 19:27:19 ] tgl3 > I was wondering if it’d be fun to leeroy

[ 2011.11.26 19:28:00 ] Graeme Rowney > no one is that retarded with a carrier pilot
[ 2011.11.26 19:28:07 ] Captain Joxxifer > Then again allways bet on stupid

Some scouts from RvB head over to confirm and check for themselves, but the cyno drops and both ships warp off as they arrive. Bollocks!

A Red pilot hangs round with me in system while we wait to see if either pilot resurfaces anywhere, when I spot the Cyno alt in a Noctis.

No way.

I check. I double check. It’s the same guy, and the carrier pilot is still in system and hasn’t docked.

Is he… missioning? Surely not??

[ 2011.11.26 19:49:13 ] tgl3 > Anyone here got a prober?
[ 2011.11.26 19:49:22 ] tgl3 > Might have a carrier missioning in Nalvula Solar System
[ 2011.11.26 19:49:32 ] tgl3 > His cyno alt was just seen in a noctis
[ 2011.11.26 19:50:13 ] Sir Buzz Lightyear > uuh
[ 2011.11.26 19:50:36 ] tgl3 > Buzz!
[ 2011.11.26 19:50:38 ] tgl3 > Come probe!
[ 2011.11.26 19:50:45 ] Sir Buzz Lightyear > yep
[ 2011.11.26 19:50:49 ] Sir Buzz Lightyear > few jumps away

Alrighty. Mangala is already forming the Ganked fleet up, scheduled to start in an hour, so we have a potential fleet if we need it.

Time passes as Patrick brings Buzz over to the system and starts probing.

Even more time passes, with some idle chatter in r-v-b about how unlikely this is.


[ 2011.11.26 20:05:20 ] Sir Buzz Lightyear > i have the carrier scanned down
[ 2011.11.26 20:05:28 ] tgl3 > really?
[ 2011.11.26 20:05:40 ] Sir Buzz Lightyear > yes sir
[ 2011.11.26 20:05:46 ] tgl3 > You’re not fucking with me?
[ 2011.11.26 20:06:01 ] tgl3 > Please dont fuck with me.
[ 2011.11.26 20:06:03 ] Sir Buzz Lightyear > nope
[ 2011.11.26 20:06:04 ] Sir Buzz Lightyear > 🙂


Fleet invites go up, comms are joined and r-v-b is notified. The fleet is to assemble next door in Vuorrassi and myself and Buzz will act as initial cloaky scrams in case he’s bad enough to be warp core stab fit.

However, I noticed the Chimera is now on station, and the Noctis has undocked.

[ 2011.11.26 20:08:42 ] tgl3 > chimera landed station
[ 2011.11.26 20:09:28 ] Patrick Kasper > no
[ 2011.11.26 20:09:30 ] Patrick Kasper > its still here

Erm, what? There’s two?

[ 2011.11.26 20:10:03 ] Sir Buzz Lightyear > Icon Industries
[ 2011.11.26 20:10:18 ] Sir Buzz Lightyear > noctis warped in

Same corp.


As a man who has never actually killed a carrier, this is srs bsns.

[ 2011.11.26 20:06:18 ] tgl3 > LOAD UP THE BATTLESHIPS

A few minutes pass as Buzz sorts out bookmarks for his main and the first Chimera warps back to the site!

We’re ready. I warp to Buzz, who is cloaked at the site, and Patrick fleetwarps the fleet in as they jump.

WHAM. I land, establish tackle on one Chimera as Buzz decloaks and tackles the other. The rest of the fleet lands in a blaze of firepower.

The Noctis EXPLODES first, as some gits shoot it before I remember to snag myself on it.

The first Chimera melts stupidly quick and follows suit, not surprising given the fit!

The second Chimera melts even faster. Must be the lack of Damage Control II or something. Boom.

Gudfights are had all round, and then one of the Chimeras pods warps back (it appears he logged while under fire and logged back in in the pod) so someone sacrifices their sec status for that too.


[ 2011.11.26 20:31:03 ] Klapen > The Damsel he cant finish his mission now!
[ 2011.11.26 20:31:06 ] Klapen > i has the girl!
[ 2011.11.26 20:31:11 ] Judontknowme > lol
[ 2011.11.26 20:31:15 ] Klapen > MWHAHAHAH
[ 2011.11.26 20:31:17 ] Thecla Elarik > \o/
[ 2011.11.26 20:31:19 ] Judontknowme > 2 carriers to save a damsel
[ 2011.11.26 20:31:35 ] Tubrug1 > fucking hell thats hillarious

A level 4 mission with 2 Chimeras. Oh dear.

Oh, and then we got a video of the whole thing.


And then something something Ganked night.

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  1. wait a minute. how is this even possible? damsel lvl4 has a gate if i remember correctly, how do you get the carrier through the gate? Did they cyno it directly into deadspace?

  2. I for one, thank you for your services towards the damsel. And towards blowing up terrible carriers and creating awesome drama. Did they rage is local once you liberated their pods from their ships?

  3. I didn’t see either of those carriers actually shooting back during that video. Did they actually try to defend themselves?

    Glad I was able to provide the Intel!

  4. i hope you all changed your mumble details 🙂

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