CCP Dev fleet hits Tama. Hilarity ensues.

EVE Players were treated to a surprise announcement that a fleet of CCP Devs would be “invading” New Eden with their own fleet.

Channels lit up as people desperately searched for the CCP fleet, but it did not appear till around 12 hours after the initial Scope announcement.

A public fleet started forming up, and a Livestream from CCP showed us their fleet location and destination. They were in Lowsec and heading for… Tama? Really CCP?

Fortunately Tama was a mere 5 jumps from our now 150-man strong public fleet, but on the way we got the first screenshot of their fleet.

I was expecting 40 mixed ships. Oh no. Not even close.


Our fleet was the first to arrive in Tama, and settled on the Kedama gate and waited.

A wild array of ship types

The gate flashes after a mere 5 minutes of waiting. Local spikes. Fun time.

Primaries are called and the mayhem begins. The CCP fleet has more logistics and much more powerful ships, but we have numbers. This could be close.

So we open fire on the flashy Devs.


A few long minutes into the fight, I notice a yellow wreck next to me, belonging to a CCP dev who exploded. I pilot my Vexor over and find… erm… wow.




I decide not to inform my fleet, but instead advertise to the r-v-b channel as well as my wormhole channel. MEGA LEWTZ GUYZ.

I continue plinking away at targets until I start getting shot at. With a PLEX still in my hold. NOPE NOPE NOPE. I burn away from the offending Damnation and warp away back to the highsec gate.

I drop off the loot and warp back, and we’re not doing very well.

Not shown: the cries of people dying

The CCP fleet is too much, and their logistics are keeping a lot of their ships alive. Our rag tag pubbie public fleet can’t keep this up. We retreat back to highsec for a regroup.

As we’re doing so, cries go up on comms of a cyno being lit in Tama, dropping a PL cap fleet onto the fight. To boot, a Goon friend of mine reports his alliance have arrived with a subcap fleet, and Gents have shown up with a BS gang.

It’s all kicking off now, so we leeroy the remnants of our fleet and charge in the name of good fights, good lewtz and explosions.

We land on field and hell is going on. PL have dropped titans and motherships, so CCP are burning fast. I nab 2 more PLEX and some faction ammo and mods from some wrecks and GTFO. Comms calling has fallen apart anyways. The overview lag at this point is crushing and I have to spent a good 3 minutes clicking around to get a decent bracket set-up so I can, you know, move.

I drop off my second run of loot, and head back to survey the battle. CCP are reported as dead, goons and other forces have fled the field. It’s apparently PL-ville now. A Uni gang waiting on the Tama gate doesn’t seem to want to go in, so I jump in and join the small skirmishes on the far side. Eventually, I warp back to the battleground, to be met with…

Erm, wow.

I stick about on gate, checking wrecks untill I get taken to half structure by a Titan, so I jump out.

I jump back in, get insta-pointed by a loki and die.

Seriously epic fun (plus about 2bil isk of loot), though I have one complaint.

It’s not with CCP, for bringing the epic brawl.

It’s not with PL, for dropping 10 titans.

It’s not with my FC, who stumbled with target calls. (Edit: Grideris actually did an OK job considering people were trying to undercut him with target calls…)

It’s with the high-sec guys who bitched on comms afterwards about losing ships. Oh. My. God.


Why the everlasting crap do you bring a shiny ship into lowsec the day the log-in screen states “Don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose, especially today” and then proceed to bitch for 5 minutes afterwards about how long it’ll take to grind the isk back to buy a new one.



Also, we lit up the map.

Finally, the battle reports are fucked all over, but here!

P.S. My final loot count

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  1. Nice! I didn’t know they were dropping plex else i’d’ve ninja’d in and stolen some… ugh.

    Also, fuckin highsec pubbies

  2. Hey, not all us highsec ‘bears are crybabies. Don’t let the few whiners ruin your opinion of the rest of us peaceful types who still like to take a ship out and lose it now and then.

  3. Hey man, I did the best I could with a fleet gathered from wide eyed high sec carebears. Also, I got popped at one stage so I had to reship.

    We basically went in there with 4 Basilisks, a Scimi and a Oneiros + a lot of drakes with a handful of mixed ships on the side.

    Still, was fun, didn’t get any loot myself. Had about 3 corpses when they popped me 😦

    • Hey I actually thought you did rather well since a lot of people failed to understand what “clearing comms” meant and tried to call other targets! I would have just raged if it were me!

  4. Great blog post! Looks like so much fun, and grats on the sweet loot!
    Any chance I could have those sexy “greave” knee-boots for Laedy? 😉

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